Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Very Merry Christmas to you!

This is my friend Fancy, I used her picture for the cover of my new Amazon short called Wish Kitty. I wish I could give the story away to everyone for Christmas. I hope that you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas. May the real reason for the holiday be in your thoughts this joyous time of year. Oh! Santas almost here! I hope you get something groovey!
God bless

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was snarked LOL

I was feeling mighty spry and thought...why I'm gonna try Ms. Snarks crapometer thingie..woe is me for sure. She wasn't mean at all but did teach me a thing or two. I wrote a bad synposis not a the hell is a hook? I'm going to spend me some time learning for sure. When I wrote my under 250 word thingie..why I didn't want to give the whole story left things dangling..well, thats not good. So I'm gonna spend some time googling away to get an idea..what is a proper hook..whats it look like. I have a ghost..who doesn't know he's dead and of course.didn't mention he was a maybe that's mistake #1. But, she said I need to get us to care about the main problem..just who is the main character. To me..I have 2. The dead cowboy..and his grandson who he saves. see my problem? No? me either LOL. Well, it's a grand Saturday. I feel great and it's almost Christmas!
Go out and play you guys!
I'm heading to the woods myself in a few.
See you soon

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's too nice to stay in the house! I'll be out in the woods today.. Are you ready for Christmas yet? No? Thats okay, you've plenty of time!

It's weird warm weather. I'll be in the woods all day today. You might try it, go out and play.

Here it is Sunday again..

I was reading a few blogs that I like and noticed that most of them are very serious. Oh the writers are serious about being serious. Now I just can't relate to that at all. Oh, if you can't write something that is totally soul changing why write they say. To write is to be morally responsible to the reader.. Give me a break! Why is it so very important to make people feel sad. What the heck is wrong with everyone anyway? Is making the human reader feel down about their life good? Well, I sure hope that the people of this planet change their reading habits! If you want to be something that makes you smile, makes you do a random act of kindness to a stranger. So, over on the Zoetrope site they were having a great time posting a supposingly famous writer whose whole gig is to gross folks out. Just the thing to read at bedtime. You want to see who is serious about writing? Look who is NOT posting stories. Why should they bother, in no time reviewers tell you its frivilous. What moral in there to the story. Hey your puntuation is bad. I could go on and on. But I won't. So, go look at what you write. Would you read it to your Mom or Dad? How about your kids? Want to change the world? Do it 1 reader at a time. Make them smile. They also had discussions on why there are no blue collar workers with stories there. Blue collar workers want to laugh not read about your encounter with some sicko. Maybe the world really is into disgusting, but I and a few other writers I know, well...we refuse to believe it. So. I'm going to listen to whats going on there and write the opposite of whats popular. Wait! I already do that. Well, I've got a story to edit and its such a nice day out I may have to go outside and think about it. Procrastinate a bit :)This is a photo of my new grandson..Just a nice picture to gaze upon this Sunday afternoon. Why? Cause, no other reason. Just smile and have a grand day and write
See ya in a few days

Monday, December 04, 2006

Here it is December

This is my new story on I took the pictures in the woods one foggy morning with all the kitties at my side. They're great fun to hike with. Right now I'm not writing I'm editing a book to get ready for Lulu. I like using that site, lets be serious, I'm never going to be famous but thats okay. What I am doing to finally writing all the crazy stories down and saving them. For who, for everyone. You might be surprised how much a neat fun story can do for your outlook on life. A good smile will start your day off with a happy heart. Thats what I wanna do, make ya smile. Okay. You guys have fun and maybe..just maybe someone will email or leave a message. If not, oh well. I'll post my other ones in a day or so. In the meantime, Put some Christ into your Christmas guys.
Enjoy your day!
Peg :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Work work work :)

Well not all work anyway. Went up to Wisconsin for the holidays also finally finished two books and published them on lulu. that was fun and quite educational by the way. Heres a link for them if you'd like to take a peek. Made matching You Tube things for them, do you like them?

The Irish Wilderness.. A historical fantasy, like ghosts? maybe the wee people?

Ever wonder why the pyramids of Egypt resemble thoes in S. America? This is way fun!

So, you can see I've been a busy bee/writer. Tell me what you do ? Lets share.
Durn my keyboard is sticking, must be all these cats helping me work..ya think?
God bless
Peg :O)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a great day today..again sick of me saying that are you?

Isn't that a cool photo? It's the back cover of Katty New Year, an anthology I am in. The cat's name is Callie. what else :)
I also have some great news, 2 of my stories have been selected to go on's new shorts program. Oh I have 1 there already Medicine Skull. But these 2 are neat. 1st one is called Wish Kitty
2nd one is a collection of not very polictcally correct fun stories, kinda a collection "Ozark Mountain Tales." I'll let you know when they are live for sure. Today is the day my New Grandson gets born, kinda cool too. His name is Tucker McCoy Johnson.'s a busy day for me, a busy week! I'll be back later with more info for sure.
Have a great week all.
God bless

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here it almost the end of October

Well, what do ya think? As you know my original publisher of the ufo handbook disappeared, gave me the blues for a few days but then a publisher from RazaR decided to do it. Well, its going to be through Lulu..which I suppose is okay, who knows. But at least there it is, soon to be for sale. I also submitted about four stories to Amazon, no word yet from them, may take while, they're getting lots more subs now. I've been busy playing outside, way too much and not getting a lot done, like I should it's getting cold, I'll be inside more (boo hoo) and maybe get some writing done.
I've got ads up all over the place so hopefully some of them will bare fruit :)
Well, hope everyone is having a grand day and is getting ready for Christmas. It's never too early to start ya know:)
God bless

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm playin with You Tube!!

I've spent days editing a bunch of stories for Razar..hopefully they'll take them..if not..Oh well, not meant to be. Zoetrope has been fun, Ivan's office has let everyone let off steam and now it's pretty calm around there. Lots of goofing off, but thats good. Lots of stories come out when you play. I have a little poem live over at
check it out if you get time. Well, I have some packing to do too and a flash to get my reviews done and voted on all before I head out Tomorrow
so have fun guys!

Well, I'm heading to my son's wedding tomorrow. Be back Monday
Have a great week end
God bless

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Grand Sunday

Well, thought I had found me my house last week. won't go into details and bore you to tears but it was awesome and in my price range. Got ahold of the realtor to find.. they had an offer on it..same day I called. shucks..ratts, worms!! Oh well, wonder what the good Lord has for me out there, that one wasn't it. LOL. My You Tube has over 100 hits on it, not bad for me but lots of them have! Hey, if 1 person goes to amazon and checks out Medicine Skull, it will be worth it for sure.
It's in the high 80's today, ticks are still creeping about in the woods which puts a cramp on me and hiking. no hiking no good alien pictures..pashaw!
Well, you guys have a most wonderful day!
See you in a few days

Sunday, September 03, 2006

heres a fun one I did today

Well, I've been learning new things!

Spent some time with the movie maker program and thought it might be a fun way to help promote my books. Heck you never know, it might work? I put it on You tube which has a zillion videos up there, but hey..someone might just take a peak at mine, you never know. I try not to pay any attention to the news, its scary enough out there. Spend most of my time out hiking or working on my manuscripts. Let the good Lord take care of all the worldly stuff. Hope you had a great Labor day week end, been laid back around here. Still haven't found my housein Wisconsin yet, it'll show up eventually I'm sure.
Well. need to get something done, not sure what but it's way too nice to be in the house.
Enjoy your Sunday!
God Bless
keep writing!

This is kinda of neat..try it, you might like it!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here I am..late again

Well, what excuse would you like me to give you? Aliens abducted me? ohThat might work but alas, no such luck. I did go fishing..what do you think? Yup, that was all I caught all day. Well, then we decided to go see the grandkids.
Headed North to Wisconsin spent a few days roaming around, got a wild hair..gonna move. Well not for a while though. Have to sell this place first. Anyone want a house deep in the ozark woods? LOL. Just kidding. I have a couple stories up, one on Staticmovement online and soon one on Ragged Edge the ezine. They got a bit delayed due to a death in the family. So no hurry on it. It's been hotter than all get out here in the woods, sheesh who knew the humidity was this high here in the woods. yuck! I'm not a hot weather person at all I guess. Well, I'll get going, seems like its almost beer thirty. You all take care, No promises but I may just get off my rear and do this more often. I wish I knew why I was so lazy. Maybe working on four stories at the same time will do that to you. Ha! Hard telling.
Have a glorious Sunday!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Guess what! Heres a bit about my new book!

The cover looks great, of course it might get changed..but thats okay.

I'll get a small excerpt for you soon! The publisher is steel moon publishing.

Yes, its about aliens!
You can go to steelmoon and catch a tiny excerpt too, I'll let you know as it progresses.

So, what am I doing while I wait to edit? What else a sequel; But we'll worry about that later, won't we.
Heres the publishers web address;
Take a look around their site and enjoy your self. I know I am.. and while your there be sure to checkout Monika's upcoming book "Quietly Crazy" It looks great! Well, guess I should get back to work.
Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck!
God bless ya'll!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Been busy and time got away from me again

So, I was suppose to be working and the kids drove down from No way! My almost 5 year old grand daughter and I grabbed some chalk and decorated the porch and ourselves. So.. when exactly am I suppose to grow up?
Hopefully never!

I did get a few sp[are minutes to write, while she napped. My newest story is set in the 1860's, a bit of civil war and Irish lore all mixed together nicely! Ad a pinch of Indian legend and a mystery that actually happened in Missouri and Theres my story! Since no one ever really solved the mystery I did! So, soon I'll finish it up, which right now I hate to do because I am having just way too much fun writing it. So I keep postponing the ending. Well, its a hot muggy Sunday and I suppose I should get busy! I haven't heard from the publisher for a little while, but all still looks good one my book. I forgot to mention. The first publisher I dropped. they wanted me to completely change it..into something else.. which I tried to do but was unhappy with. Then low and behold a different publisher decided they liked my original idea! So wish me luck!
Have a great day today. Write what you want, when you want and enjoy yourself.
God Bless

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Sorry I have been gone so long, its just way too hot here and well I've been hiding in the woods alot to be cool. I also have almost finished the book I have been working on..whew, edits are tuff! I received another review on my story on Amazon, what a jerk he was, used comments like prosacian writer or some such a thing..sounds like one that Ivan removed from zoetrope not too long ago, oh can't win them all. I hope my Amazon short is doing well, too bad we can't get a counter to see if anyone reads them, maybe its better that way? I would hate to bribe folks to spend 49cents LOL.

I'm thinking of heading north to Wisconsin to set up housekeeping, like I said the heat is hard to take. what a wuss I am! I'm also in about 15,000 words into my next one. "The Wilderness", its progressing nicely too! I noticed a lot of folks on the writers site are gone for the summer, too hard to stay inside on such great summer days..see I am not the only one. Well, I think I'll get going for now..will try and post more often, not that this is a popular stop for folks..but you never know! Have a great week and enjoy life, whatever it is your doing!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday! what a fun day..

Okay, its great here in the ozarks but I have to tell ya I am sick and tired of theose blood sucking nothing popped outta the spaceships..TICKS!!! man, I can't go in the woods after about 10 oclock or they munch on me the damn vampires! So I did something stoopier than ticks..I bought chickens.. 16 cats 16 chickens. what was I 1 chicken has gotten eaten by a cat..but.. my flower garden is gone. my tomatoe plants are gone. so..which is tell me
ticks or chickens.
There, I whined.. I Hate Chickens!!
no I don't feel better, now I hate 2 things in the world. ticks and chickens, well I do like chickens 1 imperticular way.. FRIED!!
so, have a solution to ticks? have a soultion to chickens? Email me, let me send you a chicken courtesy of the anti kill the chicken league..Is there such a thing? No? Good!
well, gonna run back outside and try to save my MUMS! may be too late..
if it is. I am eating good ole chicken tonight!
Well, so much for a happy Sunday LOL...
save the chickens..??
see you all tomorrow...maybe,

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I freaked when they lowered the ramp!

Alien spacecraft in my yard!

Well, this is one of the photos I took while exploring in the forest, I am having a great time and will post a few more of them as soon as I can. It has alot to do with why I havent gotten off my rear to update my blog. My new book due out next year will explain alot. Its been a fun few weeks. My amazon story is still live so go take a read, leave me a review if its nasty reviews okay? Yeah..I know you feel you just have to be truthful, well Lie durn ya! LOL. No its a fun story, not an alien one in this one. But who knows about the next one. Well, email me, leave a comment just say Hi, I don't mind a tad.
Bless you all for being you.
I'm off to find a few more aliens before they figure out I have found them!
Oh, I have a photo of one of them.. it sure looks familar to me..ccan't quite place it..but I will!
I'm off!

Wait, you already knew that now didn't you

Monday, April 10, 2006

My story is Live on Amazon!!!

Well, not sure why I do this every now and again. does anyone read this? But then I think to myself, who cares! Its fun and well, I get to kinda tell the world whats happening in missouri. I've got a new story up live! Its on, their news shorts section, click the title and it'll take you there! Hopefully.I wonder why I have a case of the moodys? No reason in he world I should have them, but there they are! Maybe writing a bit will get me over them, never can tell! Anyway click on the title of my short story and go take a wee peek. My son owns the skull shown, he covered it in pounds and pounds of turquoise nuggets. It weghs alot! Have a great day this day and remember when the moodies get ya down, do something about them! Oh yeah, when you do figure out what to do..drop me a note and tell me. Okay? Well, gonna go get some rewrites finished. What a glorious day he Lord has given us!

Medicine Skull

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another fine Sunday!

It was another foggy wonderful morning. and the kitties went with me again. You can see them in the fog if you look close. Slowly entering into the light. I have been editing and getting my story ready for
Don't forget, to check it out.. I'll tell you when.
I also have a story going to Redneck world, cross your fingers guys. A humor site that doesn't take submissions asked me for one. I am so excited!
All over the ozarks colors are springing up. Its spring. Winter is past.. hopefully.
Well, its a short Sunday, but wanted to check in. God speed ya'll

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A wonderful bit of Wednesday!

What a wonderful morning hike I had too. If you look close all my hiking buddies(the cats) are slowly making their way from the fog into the small clearing where I am. It was an eerie cool feeling too. Not getting as much new writing done as I like with the rewrites for Amazon and the short story going in the ezine in April Staticmovement. But my mind is racing with ideas. someone shut them up. No, not really I kinda like the company. I had a great birthday on the 27th and all the guys on Zoetrope were kinda and fun about it too. Well, back to the ole word processor. Hopefully something wonderful happens to you today. If not, make it happen.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday! and great News!!

This is a really cool picture of a medicine skull. My son covered a real buffalo skull with pounds of turquoise and sterling silver too. Why the picture? Well, Amazon has this neat program called "Amazon shorts. What is it?
You can download a short story, oh they're a few thpusand words each or more. for 49 cents! They are publishing my stories, the first in a series called..of course "Medicine Skull! When will it be ready for you to download and buy? I have no idea, but should be soon! The minute I know, you'll know too. Another great story of mine is being published in April. in www. hope I have the web address right. I'll double check and make sure you can go read it. Its titles "The Barn" A humorus monster story. You'll like it. Well, enjoy your Saturday! I'll be back soon with more details!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

here it is March, what a week!

Well, I got lost in the woods, but as you see I did make it back in one piece. My book Anasazi is still out floating around, no word yet. I have been working on another fun bubba story too. Cletus and Brenda Sue have a few more adventures to go. Heard back from Redneck world, they wish to use some of my work in the future. Sounds promising to me, he said it made him smile. Thats all my stories are suppose to do, so I'm doing it right!
Its finnally getting warm out and the daffodils are blooming. Now I don't get to write all day. For now. I still do a thousand or maore a day on my other stories. Well, back to ye ol drawing board. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day. We have fewer days than we think, so never waste a one!
God bless and keep ya guys!
Till another day

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seven things that may or may not relay my state of mind at this particular moment in time

I've been tagged by my friend Richard and he was chosen by his friend(the writer and gradual student) Jai Clare on her blog The Cusp of Something, and I've chosen to play also.

Seven things to do before I die
1. see my grand kids get married
2 see an actual extra tererstrial
3 get an agent
4 scare the hell outta folks because I did
5 go back to Tohatchi New Mexico
6 Avoid croaking before my time
7 finsih a tenth book

Seven things I cannot do:
1. listen to too much crap from high brow morons
2 solve the worlds problems, who'd listen to me!
3.I can't stop myself from trying
4 can't stop writing humor, it useless, I tried
5 I'm with him on the airplane! no way am I getting out while its upthere.
6 I can't stand to listen to Madonna, what a yuk
7 I can't stand one more cup of tea, give me some coffee! Folgers please!

Seven things that attract me to my mate:
1 his eyes
2 His smile
3 his wonderful sense of humor, married me didn't he
4 His biker attitude
5. his wild immagination
6 his sense of well being about where we are in life
7 his positive attitude about me and my stories

Seven books I love:
1. The bible
2 Joe leaphorn stories, tony hillerman
3. dragon books Anne Mc Caffrey
4 Everything by O Henry
5 I am spock, cracked me up
6 Rondy voo, my all time favorite book
7The Henry, yes I wrote them!

Seven things I say:
1. Cool.. say it way too much
2 morning humaoids, can't help it
3 I love ya gobs,
4wanna play?
5man! that sucks!
7 knock it off! yeah, that means you

Seven movies I've loved

1 Batteries not included
2. Dark crystal
32001 a space oddessy
4 Galaxy Quest
5 Ben Hur
6 Zone Trooper
7 Toy Story

Seven people to tag:
okay I'll get their websites tomorrow
okay whoever I tag, its your turn!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My typical writing morning

My Writers morning
I don’t know about the rest of you writers out there but, until I have my first cup of coffee in the morning, my words just run together. First thing I do as I make my way to the bathroom, is turn the trusty ole computer on. Then while its loading I try and make my pot of coffee. Usually about then, husband stumbles into the room always with the same question; “So what you working on today?”

I haven’t even had one cup of my marvelous brain juice mind you. I smile at him, “Yes I have to smile or I would smack him!” I don’t bother answering. Okay, he sits there sipping his cup and begins the thousand question morning.

“Did you get that story done? What happened? How many have you submitted this week? How about those edits you were working on, how they coming along?”

Now I don’t want to hear that I am alone in this. You have to reassure me that other writers have these early morning quiz shows.

Finally, three cups later I make my way to my office to open my latest piece of work that still needs editing. Standing there in the middle of my desk is my cat. Her eyes are slits and her ears are laid back against her head. Before I can edit a word I have to move into the feed the critter mode. So the kitties are happy, word processor is hot and ready to roll.

A voice echoes through the house ending at my office door.
“Sweetie? What’s for breakfast?”

Okay, back to wife mode. My story sits and stews. The kitties curl in my chair and somehow some part of that furry creature begins to hit the delete button on the keyboard. Letters and words, one by one slowly disappear into the mists of a cyber trashcan. When finally husband is fed and happy I return to two words remaining on my screen

**The End**

Frantically I search for my trusty backup disc. Move the two cats now asleep in the chair and begin to download the same story I had been working on for a week. I use to complain because I had to work full time and write. Now it’s a full time job to try and write.

Somewhere along the way, something got screwed up, maybe it was me?

Anyone else have this problem?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

someone said, tell us about time.

Heres my wierd thought on time;Time is an enemy or it can be a golden point in your life.Too often it works against us, too much to do, no time. Then for one split second, something happens to make it stand still. A smile, a flower a gentle touch from a friend. A moment frozen in time, never to disappear. Time is fleeting yet stands before you like stone. A time to laugh, minutes of everyday. These times are forever. A time to cry? These moments quickly erased. A time to be born, another bit of time cherished. A time to die; These times make us remember. So that when a loved one or friend dies, we regain time. All the minutes, hours seconds with that person once again spring to the surface. We gain minutes, hours, days and years of the things we almost forgot. Time is not an enemy but a holder of memories almost lost during our everyday life. Sometimes it's time..for time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesdays tempting treats

Well not alot of tempting going on. I met some mean folks on zoe and had to disinvite myself from his office. I'm not use to meanies. yuck. but enough of that, its up to me not to let anyone interfere with my day! I finally got my wonderful rejection form letter from Glimmertrain. Sheesh. Maybe thats why I am grumpy. I'm not grumpy at all, shall I repeat this one hundred times? Naw, I did submit lots of places though over this past week. So its a waiting game again. Oh lots of wonderful things have happened though! I have a new little motor bike, and I can't ride it! Wonderful huh! I will get this down pat yet! Mark my don't. Heh heh heh
I finished another neat short story and also had fun playing in the woods, what great wierd weather were having. I submitted a neat story to amazon to go with my Amazon blog, go there if you have time and tell me what you think, ok? Go to search books, type in rondy voo and then go see my blog. Too many Peggy Johnsons out there to use my name. Pashaw! Thats okay, they write great books too! Well, I'm off to write an article or two and get them turned in. Have a wonderful afternoon and make a note to stop by when you can. I promise I will try not to be as boring as I am today!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Fun with Fridays the 13th

"Fun and Freaky Friday 13th. I am so crackin up. Was thinking of maybe a bar b que later on.. looks like my kitty is up to it too .. Isn't she cuteCnn's been going on and on about Friday the 13th, all must be pretty durn good in the world if thats todays headlines. Its cold wet and rainy here today and I am stuck in the house. Bummer! Well, a day like today makes me really enjoy having all my cats in my office, fur balls and all. thats okay. I've submitted my manuscript and a couple queries this past week, so cross your fingers for me, okay? Still no rejection from glimmertrain, sure wish they'd get it overwith . No I'm not thinking negative, want to move on and get it to places that take multiple submissions. This wait 3 months drives me nuts, doesn't it bug you ? Well. so husband and I finished editing a few more stories so may just spend some time submitting them too. The more thats out there the better! Right! Well, better run and find those spots needing some fun stuff to read. Have a great day and think positive about something today. I'll do the same. See ya soon.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mondays are like this....

Well, I've been trying to post a neat photo why I don't get as much writing done when its cold out.. hopefully I'll get it figured out eventually. Was a wonderful Sunday and today was almost as warm. There we go, by George I think I've got it!
I've been rescuing these neat friends for about 10 years, so don't bother counting. All the females are no fixed, except 2 babies I found. now I'm going to do the fellas, so they don't get hurt too bad fighting. Whats this got to do with writing? They are on My desk, thats what. LOL . when its cold out this is where they end up.. Hmmmmm.
I've been working on the new Cletus story all yeaterday evening, only about 1500 words, pooh, wrong music like I said. Well perhaps I'll get my Willy Nelson CD out, that out to put me in a good ole country mood. This old blog has been getting a few comments lately, thanks to all. I've got a story to work on, so this is short and sweet today. Live long and be phosporus. I love that heh heh heh

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday in the Ozarks

Howdy everyone! Got your coffee? Hows that for a view? Looks like a painting instead of the view out my window.
Well still no rejections from anyone, maybe tomorrow LOL! Well, I've been telling you about my redneck, fun bubba stories and how magazines aren't interested. I made a decision to put them all together and make a fun book. Lots of short and not so short stories about Brenda Sue and her husband Cletus. I make my self laugh when I'm trying to edit them. Put a few on Zoe and they are just cracking up too. Submit they say! Sure, to where? So I bet when they are all in one book, I'll have an agent or publisher git it out there. Maybe the POD thing I love to do. I just can't imagine running around having to promote a book, too many stories to work on..No way do I want to go to New York City for book signings. I have this aversion to crowds and well, can you blame me? Too many years in the woods. Naw, I've nothing wrong with me , just don't want to get rich and famous. Just sell words, thats what I want. Well, I need another cup of coffee. If any of you guys have any other ideas, throw them at me. I'm easy, I'm open. I'm also nuts Have a wonderful day guys!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What a great week end this is going to be!

Happy Saturday all. Should be great to play outside on this fine Saturday. Not too hot(I wish) not to cold (with 3 shirts on). This is a neat place I hike to, I call it deer camp, looks like other folks used it long ago for thaat. The colors are neat and it winds through the brush to a clearing. Neat isn't it. A bit of my Ozark yard. I spent all day yesterday revising and submitting stories all over the place. That way they're not just sitting there growing dust bunnies. By the way, what do you feed dust bunnies anyway? During my research I was in a way groseed out. I am not mainstream. Do you know what the fastest. most often site are that buy stories? Erotica, sy yuck! No offense. I can't imagine selling my self out just to make a buck. If I get really desperate, I'll sell more goodies on Ebay! So, that explains alot to me. Moral standards are comprimised by the market. What is the world is the matter with folks anyway? Look at TV programs, rehasing old shows, almost porn have we as a society degraded that much? In the movies all they are doing is making shows from old television sitcoms hopeing that the boomers(Thats us boys and girls) will pay money to reminise about youth. Give me a break! Okay, I'm off my soap box. For now anyway.
Well I have a story over at the P&E site up for vote. Short story from Hobart. Heavens I'm doing it again aren't I
I'm heading out to the woods to think up something fun to write. Oh yeah, I found a fun site too. Southern Humorists.. check it out..crack ya up good stuff too.
I'll try and get back soon, keep writing, don't sell out, stick to your guns and write what makes you feel good. Have a great week end!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A hiking we will go!

Mornig, afternoon. whatever the case may be. My oh my I do need to spend more time checking for typo's. I'll try, ..forget it, much more fun to just tell ya whats going on. Well still no rejection letter from Glimmertrain, should be anytime now. Finished another spur of the moment story yesterday, Retiremennt or something like it, or did I already tell you that, no matter. Its on its way to Amazon shorts, we'll see how quick it comes back and then off it can go again! It was a grand morning, chilly so I headed to the woods, thats when I get all my..wonder what would happen? stories. Heres a quick picture from the woods. I'm trying to get the GPS thing working, husband thought it might help me keep from getting lost. So good.
Now whatever your planning for today, have fun with it! Don't take no for an answer either, if I had my first book would still be in a drawer somewhere for sure. So have fun, have a coffee and spend sometime reading or writing this day. Well, time to get the Processor, Brain? keyboard? maybe both working. I'll try and let you know whats happening in these Ozark hills tomorrow.
I feel a story coming on, see you later all. By the way, thanks for the comments, I do appreciate them alot.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meet my friend Fancy!

This is my friend Fancy, shes a wild kitty that found me, I sure do attract cats and Thank goodness husband is a patient man. well, back to work;
Well its a brand New Year and I've finished my book, now all thats left is mail out that synopsis and get budy! I have a blog post thing on Amazon next to the two books I already have published. That may help sales. I also am submitting at least two stories somewhere each week, lets see how long I can keep it up. I submitted a story to the Missouri review without reading the mag fist. Yuck, I can't write stuff like they like. Hope I get mistake.
I've just finished a couple short stories and they are so funny and to my dismay..they are politicall incorrect..yep, thats what I said. My first rejection said; Very funny but relies too much on steretypes for humor.." Right! I live in the Ozark mountains and humor about the fun folks here is steretypical. Glad the locals love them. Well back to wwork again. Thanks for coming by. I'll show you a few more of my feline friends tomorrow. I have been getting them fixed as quickly as money allows. Its great!
God bless you guys for coming by. Ya know it wouldn't hurt to drop me a line sometime. Oh one more thing. Go buy my books on amazon if you get a chance. Lets get some regular folks books in the top 100. Funny I know. anyway Till tomorrow!