Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesdays tempting treats

Well not alot of tempting going on. I met some mean folks on zoe and had to disinvite myself from his office. I'm not use to meanies. yuck. but enough of that, its up to me not to let anyone interfere with my day! I finally got my wonderful rejection form letter from Glimmertrain. Sheesh. Maybe thats why I am grumpy. I'm not grumpy at all, shall I repeat this one hundred times? Naw, I did submit lots of places though over this past week. So its a waiting game again. Oh lots of wonderful things have happened though! I have a new little motor bike, and I can't ride it! Wonderful huh! I will get this down pat yet! Mark my words..no don't. Heh heh heh
I finished another neat short story and also had fun playing in the woods, what great wierd weather were having. I submitted a neat story to amazon to go with my Amazon blog, go there if you have time and tell me what you think, ok? Go to search books, type in rondy voo and then go see my blog. Too many Peggy Johnsons out there to use my name. Pashaw! Thats okay, they write great books too! Well, I'm off to write an article or two and get them turned in. Have a wonderful afternoon and make a note to stop by when you can. I promise I will try not to be as boring as I am today!

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