Friday, January 01, 2010

Alright! It's it the year?

Well according to the movie, it's the year we make contact...Contact? With who? If you are waiting for Aliens, wait no more!

Okay, so maybe you don't get it..that's alright too. You see, I AM an alien being. Hard to believe isn't it..Thats what I thought too when I found out. I was at a few shops tring to get The Alien handbook placed when I found out.

You see, they told me my book OFFENDS true believers.

Say What?

I wrote down all the information every earthling needs for their abduction, gave you facts about missing people, planes and they tell me I offend folks!

Well, just wait, I have contacted the intergalactic counsel..That'll teach em!

Okay, so never dwell on stuff I was told, so lets move on.

I'm trying to finish a few short stories and write some articles. Make some money for a change...


2010, what a grand year it will be...

Be ready for anything I say.

Write on eveeryone :)
The kitty is a new one that found us, I call her Meme, she has a voice like a Banshee :)
I was told she's a Bengal..
Anyway...Happy New Year!!