Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well December is half over and where Have I Been?

I wasn't paying attention to where everyone went and lo and behold they were doing the nano nano thingie. Me? I finished my Novel and its all ready for the publisher, of course being I am lazy and have no wants of fame nore fortune I go the publish on demand way. Why? The waiting; send it off wait send it off wait some more. Nope I wanna be a paperback writer, sounds like the Beatles tune. The world has a story to tell and it is benefit all humanity. My goal to tell a story and make the world laugh, smile or maybe contemplate an alternate history. You guessed it. I wanted to put my stories here and the magazines keep telling me if its on a blog its already published. Say what? Then wheres my check.
Now I want to figure out how to put some photos here. I am bound to find some kind sould who says; Its easy, here do this.. so email me somebody. I'm finished like I said with the book so now I am on a Redneck Kick, I'm laughing my self silly writing these stories. Cletus has a bunch of adventures just waiting for the right magazine. So where does a ozark Lilly send some funny redneck humor anyway.