Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My newest book is now on Amazon, finally. I started writing this twenty years ago, when I decided to get off my rear and get it edited, lots had to be updated. When I started it, there were no laptops..so you can see, lots had to be rewritten. But it looks great!

Another exciting thing, a movie company wishes to see one of my stories made into a screenplay and submitted to them. They loved the whole idea, now I'm hopeing a fellow writer friend of mine can do the job for me. Would that be great? You know it!
So thats where I've been. Spent all of January so far working on these projects. Hopefully the new one..which I love the most..will succeed! Who know, The good Lord's in charge, not me.
Hope 2007 has been wonderful to you all.
God bless!
peg..again :)