Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas for kitties

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a kitty was sleeping
just sat on the couch.

They knew if they waited
all night and were good
that a funny dressed human
would bring something good.

Maybe some catnip,
maybe some cream
maybe a toy
or some other thing.

Some sit near the tree
awaiting his visit
other lie still,
and sleep for a minute.

Then soon a small sound
and then theres another
They know he is coming
When they hear the thunder.

Of all kinds of hoof beats
on the roof in the night
They circle the tree
awaiting his flight.

Appearing from nothing
he smiles at the crew
of calico cats
and a odd one or two.

He pats every head,
arranges the prsents
The kitties wait quiet
enjoying his prsence.

Then one by one
a gift he bestows
on each little feline
a gift with a bow.

A warm bowl of cream
some catnip and more
Then a wink of his eye.
He's gone like before.

Then curling up soft
a purr in their heart
the soft glow of Christmas
burns in their heart.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy December everyone!

Well, it's been fun! I made another silly video about what to do with thanksgiving leftovers but..thats about it. Haven't written anything for a while..I must admit that bad review kinda burst my bubble. I'm not whining or anything...
Maybe some folks are meant to be famous..others aren't. I thought about how you get famous, do lots of readings, travel all over for book signings..you name it then I had a realization..I don't want to travel all over. I did that for over 15 years, I like having a house again. I'm not going to quit writing, let me assure you but I think I'll concentrate more on my nonfiction markets. They pay..well!
I've only made a few hundred this year from it and about the same from my royalty checks. I'll write my fun books, market them on my website and write articles the rest of the time. In this day and age, there are so many Great writers that a silly person like me would get lost in the shuffle. So maybe I'm getting over the review now, maybe not. I think somethings are more important..life, love family, faith and of course my cats! LOL!!
So, I do hope that as the holidays approach you'll think of this too. What is the most important thing you have?
Okay, I'm better now!
I've got a bit more work to do on the illustrations for Brendas book, which will never get finished if I'm playing here.
I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving, try and relax a bit!
God bless

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I need to get back to writing instead of playing :)

I just love pictures from the hubble telescope! Gives me a reason to paint, yeah..I screwed it up making a rainbow in space but it had to be done! Tomorrow is Turkey day, heading to my youngest son's house. 4 Grand kids..this ought to be a madhouse LOL.
About me and writing right now, I just haven't been in the mood..wierd isn't it. I figure that as soon as it snows and I can't go outside, I'll get back into it again. I think getting that bad review might have just given me..dare I say it?
Writers block?
Naw, just can't seem to sit still is all.
So everyone out there in blogland.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow. God is sure great!
Talk at you soon..

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving

Somewhere deep in space..maybe..theres a being looking at the stars. Maybe this being is wondering the same thing many of us do. Whats out there? Is this all there is? Each morning, I imagine some of us do the same thing.
To me, it's quite nice to know, that there is more.
Not just my writing but in everything.
It snowed this morning and it was quite beautiful, a gentle reminder of things to come.
Dare I say it?
Anyway, I'm a bit off subject LOL.
Enjoy your week, send a happy thought to that soul somewhere out there in space or maybe somewhere in cyberspace.
Let's be thankful for this day and even the goofy weather :)
May your holiday week be a fine one, surrounded by loved ones.
Happy turkey day guys!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where have I been?

Did I mention my puter shot craps? My oh my it's been so wierd trying to load all the old programs back in this newer/old one. We had bought it as a back up when the one that died first began to act wierd, thank goodness we did. Except, it's a bummer trying to find all the old program discs. I know there are newer better ones out there, I'll do that next but for now, this will do!
Husband found me a cool toy, a graphics tablet. I'm learning to draw with it. It's quite fun yet hard too. I'll post you one to look at. A friend has a childrens book and asked me to try illustrating it. She may want to find a better artist LOL.
Well, I think I'm back for a while. I do hope you've been getting some writing done? Me..nope. LOL.
too much wierd stuff happening.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So..I've been having a hard time writing...but!

Today I got an idea! Scarey huh? I've been reading a cool excerpt about a cat involved with a mystery and thought, hey I can write one. Completely different of course but a mystery just the same. You all know I have a dozen cats..well, what if slowly one by one they disappear. For that touch of wierd, I may have one..a ghost help find the others. What if, it all has to do with this old 2 story building I bought, what if that giant room (it's really a cistrene I think) hides something, something that someone wants back and can't get as long as we're here. What if?
So, I'm making notes, kinda an outline..who what where when and why...
Then, after I've read my ideas again, this is what I do...I turn on some sountracks, then sit down at this puter, surrounded by all the beasties...and write. I never edit until I'm finished, might break my train of thought. When I do get into write mode, I just snack, no heavy meals through the day until; Beer thirty. Then it's time to cook supper, pour my favorite brewski over a tall glass of ice and enjoy my evening.
Well, this is my plan.
Whats down in that hidden room?
Who are these guys
Where have they taken my cats
When will I figure out this puzzle
Why am I asking you?
Have a most awesome day today, live long and be Phosprous.
God bless

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday my puter crashed..

So from 4 in the afternoon until bedtime I tried everything. By the time I went to bed, it looked like I was going to be computerless! Black screen, blinking curser, I wa doomed I tell you, Doomed!

Well, around 4 am, I woke up from a dream about the puter. In the dream theres a Disc called Recovery in a Space Ship. A space ship mind you.
I walk into the puter room, screen is still black the white curser blinking top left...still dead.

So, I head downstairs and theres an old box of mine labeled office, not unpacked yet. So while coffees cooking I looked inside and what in the heck do you think was in it. A Shuttlecraft from Star trek, A Disc Holder. I open it, no way..and inside..Recovery disc. Just 1 disc inside. Now I'm wondering, just how old is this thing..whose puter is it for anyway? So I shut puter off, loaded the CD into it. Fired the sucker up..Hot dang! Recovery disc from space ship! I do love these kinds of things!
Isn't it strange how the mind can solve problems while we sleep. I honestly had no idea that I even owned that disc. So anyone, everyone..make a disc of your own called Recovery, find a spaceship to store it in and then sleep tight.
Well, maybe, just maybe I did visit with Aliens last night? Whatever, you can bet I am not going to complain!
Good writing everyone and don't forget to kiss your puter every once in a while, might help :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Well, I've been playing again

Probably should be writing, but it just felt like a doodley kinda day. Heres my Bobcat in a tree, taking a nap LOL.
Now, I'll get my skinny butt in gear and work on my story again. With the 76th st Pedal Patrol, I'm not quite sure how long they should be, since there are about 8 of them..All in one book? Someone else mentioned that MG stories sell quite well..still not sure weather to make each chapter a story, since all the characters are mostly the same ..well, Time will tell!

My latest Scifi story is out there making the rounds with magazines and I'm getting ready to send of my NF piece, The Cabbage Patch. Staying busy is good for me. Well, it's bright sunny and I think I'll go outside and play on the scooter for a while. I added it to my website, going to sell them. I sure picked the wrong time of the year to do that LOL.
Oh, if you get time check out my website.

I'm working on upgrading that too.
Whew I'm making myself tired, is it Beerthirty yet?
Write away everyone, have fun and enjoy everyday.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I lost my bestest friend today...

She is only a cat to some, to me a very very special friend. When I was homeless 12 years ago, I found her (the homeless part is another story) She was tiny and salt and pepper colored. Short hair slick as can be and fiesty! She was wee bit of kitten froma farm in Iowa, but I loved her spirit! 12 Years have passed, her name was Stoopid Baby. My friend when I was sad, my hiking companion, my protector, her at 5 pounds. She never grew much.
Over the past few days my friend keep hiding outside. I tracked her down, soaking up sunshine, avoiding me. I knew either I'd forgotten her favorite taste of cheese or she was sick. I called the vet, we are way out in the country. They closed. Monday was the earliest. So, I brought her skinny silvery self inside. Two hours later Houdini was gone again. I found her in the mourning. Thinner, colder, sadder than ever. I gave her soup, some filtered water. She refused. She cried and called me names. We all have heard how our feline friends can do that. Leave me alone, go away etc. Sunday night she stopped, she watched me from my office , she refused to look at me. I curled up on the floor next to her, singing her name softly to her. She laid her head in the palm of my hand and slept.
Vet time, Monday. She calls me, ever so softly, weakly, her eyes meeting mine.
We go to the doctor, he tells me words I don't wish to hear. They bring the needle, to release her from pain and time. She once again lays her head in my hand, her soft paws curl around my fingers. She sighs once more..she is gone. Now it is just my pain and loneliness...My bestest friend is gone.
I am reminded..Absent from the body present with the Lord. I hope she remembers me, is waiting for me when it's my time.
Good by Stoopid baby, I Love You.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's talk like a pirate day!

I know..big deal..but it should be a big deal. Any day that can start off with an Arghh! Is a great day! Think of it as a holiday. Just so we can say silly things, maybe make someone smile! I'm still collecting stories and pictures for my next book, not sure of a good title yet..Rendezvous past and present? Living History? Have any ideas? I'm stll in the middle of remodeling here in the office, maybe thats where my muse is hiding..under the plywood that will be my shelves soon?
Well, need to make some notes and scan some photos for insertion..maybe ?
Hope your week end rocks.
Say it with me now

Now don't you feel better?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well I finally have a laptop

My very handsome, smarter than me son sent it to me, so now when I want to work outdoors I can!
I've been having a hard time lately, I can't seem to quit talking about Aliens..I need to change gear I think. I'll still be doing sci fi but I do believe I am driving folks crazy. We're suppose to write about what we like, about what we know. Aliens, outer space, these things I know and understand. Now to find something else to talk about. Got any ideas? Not that anyone ever reads this, but who knows. :)
We bought the material today top redo the office, should look slick when we're finished.
I've been enjoying myself over at the Book blog/ roast. I even won a book. Cool! Looks like a good book too, Chasing Smoke. Bill writes great. He has a nice agent too, Janet. Maybe someday when I'm not so afraid and when I write words worth selling..I would enjoy one. Naw..no one would like that! LOL..
Well, I've got some editing to do. Write well, have fun and enjoy every moment you have each day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, here it is Tuesday already.

There are no words for me to type today..my paper is blank. I wonder why? could it be the change in the weather? Everyone here at my house, cats included are a bunch of grumps. It has to be the weather I tell you!
Well, since I have absolutely nothing of importance to say I'll leave it unsaid until whatever it is I want o say makes itself known to me.
So, till tomorrow or maybe later today..who knows. I'm gonna go outside, sneak into the forest and see if I can't find something wierd and unusual to do.
How about you? Has this ever happened to you?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, it's sure feeling like fall!

Been taking care of a friends web buisness while he's gone. I have to admit..I am an idiot!
But I am trying and thats all thats important. Also been just playing alt. When the weather changes I have an urge just to be outside! I do miss having a large yard but I'm still having fun. Playing alot with my Slider scooter..actual name, Unscooter. But I like slider best. Going into buisness, gonna sell them. Wish me luck. Well, gotta get some editing done, maybe run over to book roast see how there doing, I like playing there. Nice folks with a grand scheme..helping writers!
Well, May your Monday be a grand one. Take care..lsypov uhew..
Dang cat!

It's a bright Friday morning! I'm lying!!

Grey and dreary but what fun I'm having. Visited over at the book roast blog thing, very nice folks too. Well, been busy with my 76th street pedal patrol series. Everytime I think I'm finished, damn if a kid doesn't call and remind me of..hey Mom remember when Bigfoot was in the backyard? Hey Mom what about the monster chicken? So..Do I make it one big book full of adventures or a short bunch of books..hmmm, who knows. For now I'll just keep them one at a time, I can always edit them together later I suppose. The main thing is to get them done first, then flesh them out..get rid of words that a kid would hate trying to decipher. I love this. Not my usual alien story this time. In a way it's all true but of course being I didn't actually see Bigfoot etc. I'll just flesh it out..creative writing that makes me laugh. Well, whatever your writing today, have fun with it. Oh...there is a bit of scifi in here..They swear a spaceship buzzed the camp, would a ten year old lie to his momma?
God bless guys, have fun today!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Here it is Monday!

Took a few days off to play, my oldest son and his wife came up from Kentucky to visit. Heres what I call,

Memorizing a moment..
Let me tell you of a memory I made last evening.
This night, last night was a special night. Two sons, together again. This time…both with wives and love. I was sped back in time, to a special moment, two sons, One ten, one six, yet not. I saw them hug one another as if they hadn’t seen each other for a hundred years, maybe it had been a hundred years. To them. The oldest son, just married a year or so came to visit, not just his Momma, but also his brother. Yes, I do believe it was to once again connect with his brother more than me. They both knew, inside, Momma loved them both.

I think it was to connect with anything they may have left unsaid, untold, unmentioned and it took having mom there to finish this wonderful thing.

Big brother and baby brother, both different, yet so much the same coming to grip with age, time and life. They hugged, wrestled, played like they were once again flung back in time, to something I may not have seen, they think. They found each other again through the youngest son’s children. My oldest, the young aggressive maker of money and the youngest, Happy with what he has. Children.

At first, I thought there might be jealously. But it wasn’t at all what I thought. It was if the oldest was so very proud of what his baby brother has and then He too was proud of being an uncle. He, my oldest baby, played on swings and slides, crawled in sand piles and swingsets…I saw him again age eight. I watched as my youngest baby smiled, knowing what fun his successful moneyed brother was having and for the first time in his life was not embarrassed at being the poor son. He knew he was the rich one…finally. He knew he was richer than anything his successful brother could ever imagine. Yet he said nay a word. Then, out of nowhere, much to my surprise, big brother age 37 threw baby brother of 33 over his shoulder and they ran off into the woods like children. I laughed till I cried. Four nieces and nephews screaming, laughing after their uncle who had their Daddy on his shoulder. Big brother and baby brother were friends again. No, more than that they were brothers, they were ten years old. Kids and grandbabies rolled atop one another, leaves flew wives laughed and hugged.

But, to make it worse, even better. Momma, ME I ran and jumped into the rolling mass of kids, wives, grandbabies and threw leaves, scolded, laughed and tossed my two grown boys around like I TOO was a young momma. Last night was the joy of my life.

That’s what I did last night. That’s my story and I‘m sticking to it!

Today all my babies have gone home, they are once again..Husbands, Dads, men. But last night they were brothers and I was Mom.
I‘ll never ever ever forget

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Sunday! Grand and glorious!

Well, not alot of writing going on today, my oldest son is coming for a visit..just a day or two, busy lives and all. But it did remind me to finish a book I've been working on, 76th st. Pedal Patrol.
Its the adventures of kids growing up in the 80's. You guessed it..Stories, goofy ones kept in my journal now resurfacing...of course with a tab of fiction for good measure. Well my sons told me about the space ship that almost landed in the backyard one night..yeah its in there too. So start that journal now..you never know what fun story will be there 10 years downfield.
Well, I'm off to play on my scooter!

Well, here it is Sunday!

This is what I've been doing?
It's quite fun too!
Enjoy the short video :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturdays, ahh, ya gotta love them!

Whose to say that Saturdays are just for kids? Well, it's not me you can bet your life on it. Spent all morning out playing with husband, a few garage sales and just talking...You'd think after 38 years we'd run out of stuff to talk about wouldn't you. Ha! Today he is my partner in crime so to speak. I came up with a new idea for one of my continuing stories, you know the one don't you? The Sumdummer family. This time Cletus and Brenda win a cruise. Okay, that may not sound exciting to you but remember who we're talking about. My very own Redneck Kin folks from another mother and someones father. Yeah, they're going to set the whole Cruise industry back forty years. But it's okay, it's going to be more fun than the time the Druids bought the farm next door. Now, that was fun.
So, I won't give anything away because well husband keeps coming up with so many one liners I'm having a hard time not laughing when I should be writing. LOL. Well, time to get back into it. Oh yeah...Don't forget to visit our newest friends A Bench Press, they're always having fun over there and who knows, you may just make some new friends and win a book!
So have a great Saturday, Garage Sale Day, Cartoon Day!
Cya later guys :o)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, I'm working..got it?

No, I'm lying. I'm collecting lots of great photos though for my next book, sure takes lots of emails and stuff to gather it. Had a few folks say no, I think they are way to busy to play, but thats okay. I do believe I'm gathering some of the finest from regular blackpowder folks there are. I've emailed a neat guy from S.Africa, I didn't even know they did rondyvoos there, live and learn.
I'm also having fun visiting the book roast at A Bench Press, very fun blog! So many authors there promoting their books and playing too. Go look sometimes, I made a link over there on the right..you'll see it. Well, back to work for me. Hope the convention gets over soon, they've taken Voyager down while its on. shame on them.
Well, have a safe and happy day everyone. Write a little, write a lot, do it for you..no one else. Hey! Is that a ufo over there?

Well August is almost over!

Been a grand summer, my car died, so haven't been out promoting my books as I should, Terry the publisher for the Alien Abduction Handbook is doing a great job, I'm happy as a clam! I've been taking my own advice for a change and writing and saving many short story ideas I've been collecting. I get quite a bit of writing done when I'm snowed in.
Well best get busy, practice what I preach and all that.
Tell me how your doing? Is life treating you well? Hope so.
Cya guys

Well August is almost over,

so...I'm double posting..sheesh, I best quit while I'm ahead!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Okay! I've been gone again :)

Here it is August 1st, my excuses this time are fun ones! Not only did Cats in Space become reality but the audio book did too. So I spent part of July doing events to sell them and then I ran around placing them in stores, just a few stores mind you. Money is tight in the world right now so I did consignments. Lets hope they all pay or return books later. I'd prefer they sold them all of course. I also placed some books in some fun UFO stores, one in Nevada and one in Wisconsin and a new one is interested out of Oregon. I sure hope it pans out!

So hows your writing coming along? During the summer, its hard to sit down and plug in. So many things to do outside and summer seems short. Ahhh life! I love it.
So, let me know what you've been up to and have a safe August! God is pretty neat to give us these playdays :)
Till next time. Sci fi away!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Writing wierd..and loving it

So..you tried to write the great American Novel and now that you look at it..you are thinkin..man this sucks..What to do..what to do.
I have an idea. Start by making yourself a prompt. Find a wierd picture on the internet..then sit down and make up a story to go with it. Do that a few times a week. Then sit down and open the Novel..as you read..do the prompt. You will discover that you can suddenly add new and fun things to your book. We have a way when we write of jotting down the story, get finished and edit and we're done..until later on.. Then we get the after I wrote it remorse blues.
See? No? Try the prompts..put about your novel for a few weeks. Then you will see. It will come alive again.

Alien Memoirs and a new audio book

Yup, you heard me right. I sold the audio rights and in June it will be released by Audiobookman..I can hardly wait to hear it!

Another bit of exciting news is a new venture, a collaboration between a bunch of us, a magazine!

Cats in Space. Theres going to be a continuing story about earth cats saving the world from Cats that came to earth to save them. Like they need saving...

We need saving from all of them haha..

Think about what happens when a cat owner uses an electric can opener.. LOL.

We are going to place the magazine in various pet stores all over the country. I'll post here when its ready for release. The stories are in, the photos and cartoons. Now for the hard part. Poor Pete, he has the job of putting it all in the right format and publishing it. It's Steelmoon publishing to the rescue once again.

So, have a great Sunday. Spring is here and I have cabin fever.

I think I need to get some writing done or maybe play outside for a while.

God bless and have a marvelous day!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alien Memoirs, ufo abductees handbook

So that's the title of the newest book to be released from Steelmoon publishing. If you ever wanted to know whats going to happen to you during an alien abduction, well this is for you. It covers what to wear, what to do and what not to do when they show up at your house. It's a humorous look at an alien who is retiring and gives you all the In's and outs from his long and illustrious life. It's not making fun of actual abductees its all from the aliens point of view. Ever wonder how the pyramids were really built, he explains it all. Crops circles? Yeah, they're in there too. This is what happens when that same "What if" scenario is used. Go to amazon and they have a few pages you can read, see if it gets your interest and if just the beginning will start you smiling.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ever wonder what would happen if...

Now that's a great way to start a book or short story. If you haven't a clue about what you want to write but have this need to do it, this is a thought that can take you pages and pages into a strange world. Remember how the other day we talked scifi and ray guns and the like? Back when star trek was a baby we all dreamed that thought. Turns out when the kids grew up they made a lot of what ifs" reality. Cell phone, space flight, satellites microwave oven, the list goes on. You can do that with a story idea. What if a strawberry was cloned with a Venus Fly trap and..hmm, human DNA. That is the makin's of a great story, almost make you laugh, monster. Funny, sure. Until the strawberry eats someone, lures a berry lover to his doom. See what I mean? So go ahead, next time you are bored, need to scribble some words down for sanity's sake. Think, what if.
Don't blame me when 50,000 words later you and your creature are still stalking the underground transit systems of New York. Okay, it's Saturday. Go out there and do something, take a notebook just in case you happen to spot it. Spot "What If."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008, lets make a fun change here

Every time I get the chance I'm going to help all you scifi writers get the idea what really makes it scifi. You don't have to be a science wizard to make your story believable what you do have to do is make your reader think it is. Lets consider laser guns, now we all know there isn't really a laser gun, or is there. Think of taser, I can make a big guy unconsious with one. So, we have an idea what one would do on stun. now that can make it believable. Does your character carry it in a holster, does he or she need one. Thats up to you to decide. But what we really want here is to make your reader believe it. Become the character as you write, turn on some good scfi music, get lost in your world. Take us there with you. Put some science into that story, scifi is calling you.