Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas for kitties

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a kitty was sleeping
just sat on the couch.

They knew if they waited
all night and were good
that a funny dressed human
would bring something good.

Maybe some catnip,
maybe some cream
maybe a toy
or some other thing.

Some sit near the tree
awaiting his visit
other lie still,
and sleep for a minute.

Then soon a small sound
and then theres another
They know he is coming
When they hear the thunder.

Of all kinds of hoof beats
on the roof in the night
They circle the tree
awaiting his flight.

Appearing from nothing
he smiles at the crew
of calico cats
and a odd one or two.

He pats every head,
arranges the prsents
The kitties wait quiet
enjoying his prsence.

Then one by one
a gift he bestows
on each little feline
a gift with a bow.

A warm bowl of cream
some catnip and more
Then a wink of his eye.
He's gone like before.

Then curling up soft
a purr in their heart
the soft glow of Christmas
burns in their heart.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy December everyone!

Well, it's been fun! I made another silly video about what to do with thanksgiving leftovers but..thats about it. Haven't written anything for a while..I must admit that bad review kinda burst my bubble. I'm not whining or anything...
Maybe some folks are meant to be famous..others aren't. I thought about how you get famous, do lots of readings, travel all over for book signings..you name it then I had a realization..I don't want to travel all over. I did that for over 15 years, I like having a house again. I'm not going to quit writing, let me assure you but I think I'll concentrate more on my nonfiction markets. They pay..well!
I've only made a few hundred this year from it and about the same from my royalty checks. I'll write my fun books, market them on my website and write articles the rest of the time. In this day and age, there are so many Great writers that a silly person like me would get lost in the shuffle. So maybe I'm getting over the review now, maybe not. I think somethings are more important..life, love family, faith and of course my cats! LOL!!
So, I do hope that as the holidays approach you'll think of this too. What is the most important thing you have?
Okay, I'm better now!
I've got a bit more work to do on the illustrations for Brendas book, which will never get finished if I'm playing here.
I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving, try and relax a bit!
God bless