Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesdays tempting treats

Well not alot of tempting going on. I met some mean folks on zoe and had to disinvite myself from his office. I'm not use to meanies. yuck. but enough of that, its up to me not to let anyone interfere with my day! I finally got my wonderful rejection form letter from Glimmertrain. Sheesh. Maybe thats why I am grumpy. I'm not grumpy at all, shall I repeat this one hundred times? Naw, I did submit lots of places though over this past week. So its a waiting game again. Oh lots of wonderful things have happened though! I have a new little motor bike, and I can't ride it! Wonderful huh! I will get this down pat yet! Mark my words..no don't. Heh heh heh
I finished another neat short story and also had fun playing in the woods, what great wierd weather were having. I submitted a neat story to amazon to go with my Amazon blog, go there if you have time and tell me what you think, ok? Go to search books, type in rondy voo and then go see my blog. Too many Peggy Johnsons out there to use my name. Pashaw! Thats okay, they write great books too! Well, I'm off to write an article or two and get them turned in. Have a wonderful afternoon and make a note to stop by when you can. I promise I will try not to be as boring as I am today!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Fun with Fridays the 13th

"Fun and Freaky Friday 13th. I am so crackin up. Was thinking of maybe a bar b que later on.. looks like my kitty is up to it too .. Isn't she cuteCnn's been going on and on about Friday the 13th, all must be pretty durn good in the world if thats todays headlines. Its cold wet and rainy here today and I am stuck in the house. Bummer! Well, a day like today makes me really enjoy having all my cats in my office, fur balls and all. thats okay. I've submitted my manuscript and a couple queries this past week, so cross your fingers for me, okay? Still no rejection from glimmertrain, sure wish they'd get it overwith . No I'm not thinking negative, want to move on and get it to places that take multiple submissions. This wait 3 months drives me nuts, doesn't it bug you ? Well. so husband and I finished editing a few more stories so may just spend some time submitting them too. The more thats out there the better! Right! Well, better run and find those spots needing some fun stuff to read. Have a great day and think positive about something today. I'll do the same. See ya soon.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mondays are like this....

Well, I've been trying to post a neat photo why I don't get as much writing done when its cold out.. hopefully I'll get it figured out eventually. Was a wonderful Sunday and today was almost as warm. There we go, by George I think I've got it!
I've been rescuing these neat friends for about 10 years, so don't bother counting. All the females are no fixed, except 2 babies I found. now I'm going to do the fellas, so they don't get hurt too bad fighting. Whats this got to do with writing? They are on My desk, thats what. LOL . when its cold out this is where they end up.. Hmmmmm.
I've been working on the new Cletus story all yeaterday evening, only about 1500 words, pooh, wrong music like I said. Well perhaps I'll get my Willy Nelson CD out, that out to put me in a good ole country mood. This old blog has been getting a few comments lately, thanks to all. I've got a story to work on, so this is short and sweet today. Live long and be phosporus. I love that heh heh heh

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday in the Ozarks

Howdy everyone! Got your coffee? Hows that for a view? Looks like a painting instead of the view out my window.
Well still no rejections from anyone, maybe tomorrow LOL! Well, I've been telling you about my redneck, fun bubba stories and how magazines aren't interested. I made a decision to put them all together and make a fun book. Lots of short and not so short stories about Brenda Sue and her husband Cletus. I make my self laugh when I'm trying to edit them. Put a few on Zoe and they are just cracking up too. Submit they say! Sure, to where? So I bet when they are all in one book, I'll have an agent or publisher git it out there. Maybe the POD thing I love to do. I just can't imagine running around having to promote a book, too many stories to work on..No way do I want to go to New York City for book signings. I have this aversion to crowds and well, can you blame me? Too many years in the woods. Naw, I've nothing wrong with me , just don't want to get rich and famous. Just sell words, thats what I want. Well, I need another cup of coffee. If any of you guys have any other ideas, throw them at me. I'm easy, I'm open. I'm also nuts Have a wonderful day guys!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What a great week end this is going to be!

Happy Saturday all. Should be great to play outside on this fine Saturday. Not too hot(I wish) not to cold (with 3 shirts on). This is a neat place I hike to, I call it deer camp, looks like other folks used it long ago for thaat. The colors are neat and it winds through the brush to a clearing. Neat isn't it. A bit of my Ozark yard. I spent all day yesterday revising and submitting stories all over the place. That way they're not just sitting there growing dust bunnies. By the way, what do you feed dust bunnies anyway? During my research I was in a way groseed out. I am not mainstream. Do you know what the fastest. most often site are that buy stories? Erotica, sy yuck! No offense. I can't imagine selling my self out just to make a buck. If I get really desperate, I'll sell more goodies on Ebay! So, that explains alot to me. Moral standards are comprimised by the market. What is the world is the matter with folks anyway? Look at TV programs, rehasing old shows, almost porn have we as a society degraded that much? In the movies all they are doing is making shows from old television sitcoms hopeing that the boomers(Thats us boys and girls) will pay money to reminise about youth. Give me a break! Okay, I'm off my soap box. For now anyway.
Well I have a story over at the P&E site up for vote. Short story from Hobart. Heavens I'm doing it again aren't I
I'm heading out to the woods to think up something fun to write. Oh yeah, I found a fun site too. Southern Humorists.. check it out..crack ya up good stuff too.
I'll try and get back soon, keep writing, don't sell out, stick to your guns and write what makes you feel good. Have a great week end!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A hiking we will go!

Mornig, afternoon. whatever the case may be. My oh my I do need to spend more time checking for typo's. I'll try, ..forget it, much more fun to just tell ya whats going on. Well still no rejection letter from Glimmertrain, should be anytime now. Finished another spur of the moment story yesterday, Retiremennt or something like it, or did I already tell you that, no matter. Its on its way to Amazon shorts, we'll see how quick it comes back and then off it can go again! It was a grand morning, chilly so I headed to the woods, thats when I get all my..wonder what would happen? stories. Heres a quick picture from the woods. I'm trying to get the GPS thing working, husband thought it might help me keep from getting lost. So far..so good.
Now whatever your planning for today, have fun with it! Don't take no for an answer either, if I had my first book would still be in a drawer somewhere for sure. So have fun, have a coffee and spend sometime reading or writing this day. Well, time to get the Processor, Brain? keyboard? maybe both working. I'll try and let you know whats happening in these Ozark hills tomorrow.
I feel a story coming on, see you later all. By the way, thanks for the comments, I do appreciate them alot.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meet my friend Fancy!

This is my friend Fancy, shes a wild kitty that found me, I sure do attract cats and Thank goodness husband is a patient man. well, back to work;
Well its a brand New Year and I've finished my book, now all thats left is mail out that synopsis and get budy! I have a blog post thing on Amazon next to the two books I already have published. That may help sales. I also am submitting at least two stories somewhere each week, lets see how long I can keep it up. I submitted a story to the Missouri review without reading the mag fist. Yuck, I can't write stuff like they like. Hope I get rejected..my mistake.
I've just finished a couple short stories and they are so funny and to my dismay..they are politicall incorrect..yep, thats what I said. My first rejection said; Very funny but relies too much on steretypes for humor.." Right! I live in the Ozark mountains and humor about the fun folks here is steretypical. Glad the locals love them. Well back to wwork again. Thanks for coming by. I'll show you a few more of my feline friends tomorrow. I have been getting them fixed as quickly as money allows. Its great!
God bless you guys for coming by. Ya know it wouldn't hurt to drop me a line sometime. Oh one more thing. Go buy my books on amazon if you get a chance. Lets get some regular folks books in the top 100. Funny I know. anyway Till tomorrow!