Monday, April 10, 2006

My story is Live on Amazon!!!

Well, not sure why I do this every now and again. does anyone read this? But then I think to myself, who cares! Its fun and well, I get to kinda tell the world whats happening in missouri. I've got a new story up live! Its on, their news shorts section, click the title and it'll take you there! Hopefully.I wonder why I have a case of the moodys? No reason in he world I should have them, but there they are! Maybe writing a bit will get me over them, never can tell! Anyway click on the title of my short story and go take a wee peek. My son owns the skull shown, he covered it in pounds and pounds of turquoise nuggets. It weghs alot! Have a great day this day and remember when the moodies get ya down, do something about them! Oh yeah, when you do figure out what to do..drop me a note and tell me. Okay? Well, gonna go get some rewrites finished. What a glorious day he Lord has given us!

Medicine Skull

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another fine Sunday!

It was another foggy wonderful morning. and the kitties went with me again. You can see them in the fog if you look close. Slowly entering into the light. I have been editing and getting my story ready for
Don't forget, to check it out.. I'll tell you when.
I also have a story going to Redneck world, cross your fingers guys. A humor site that doesn't take submissions asked me for one. I am so excited!
All over the ozarks colors are springing up. Its spring. Winter is past.. hopefully.
Well, its a short Sunday, but wanted to check in. God speed ya'll