Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So..I've been having a hard time writing...but!

Today I got an idea! Scarey huh? I've been reading a cool excerpt about a cat involved with a mystery and thought, hey I can write one. Completely different of course but a mystery just the same. You all know I have a dozen cats..well, what if slowly one by one they disappear. For that touch of wierd, I may have one..a ghost help find the others. What if, it all has to do with this old 2 story building I bought, what if that giant room (it's really a cistrene I think) hides something, something that someone wants back and can't get as long as we're here. What if?
So, I'm making notes, kinda an outline..who what where when and why...
Then, after I've read my ideas again, this is what I do...I turn on some sountracks, then sit down at this puter, surrounded by all the beasties...and write. I never edit until I'm finished, might break my train of thought. When I do get into write mode, I just snack, no heavy meals through the day until; Beer thirty. Then it's time to cook supper, pour my favorite brewski over a tall glass of ice and enjoy my evening.
Well, this is my plan.
Whats down in that hidden room?
Who are these guys
Where have they taken my cats
When will I figure out this puzzle
Why am I asking you?
Have a most awesome day today, live long and be Phosprous.
God bless

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday my puter crashed..

So from 4 in the afternoon until bedtime I tried everything. By the time I went to bed, it looked like I was going to be computerless! Black screen, blinking curser, I wa doomed I tell you, Doomed!

Well, around 4 am, I woke up from a dream about the puter. In the dream theres a Disc called Recovery in a Space Ship. A space ship mind you.
I walk into the puter room, screen is still black the white curser blinking top left...still dead.

So, I head downstairs and theres an old box of mine labeled office, not unpacked yet. So while coffees cooking I looked inside and what in the heck do you think was in it. A Shuttlecraft from Star trek, A Disc Holder. I open it, no way..and inside..Recovery disc. Just 1 disc inside. Now I'm wondering, just how old is this thing..whose puter is it for anyway? So I shut puter off, loaded the CD into it. Fired the sucker up..Hot dang! Recovery disc from space ship! I do love these kinds of things!
Isn't it strange how the mind can solve problems while we sleep. I honestly had no idea that I even owned that disc. So anyone, everyone..make a disc of your own called Recovery, find a spaceship to store it in and then sleep tight.
Well, maybe, just maybe I did visit with Aliens last night? Whatever, you can bet I am not going to complain!
Good writing everyone and don't forget to kiss your puter every once in a while, might help :)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Well, I've been playing again

Probably should be writing, but it just felt like a doodley kinda day. Heres my Bobcat in a tree, taking a nap LOL.
Now, I'll get my skinny butt in gear and work on my story again. With the 76th st Pedal Patrol, I'm not quite sure how long they should be, since there are about 8 of them..All in one book? Someone else mentioned that MG stories sell quite well..still not sure weather to make each chapter a story, since all the characters are mostly the same ..well, Time will tell!

My latest Scifi story is out there making the rounds with magazines and I'm getting ready to send of my NF piece, The Cabbage Patch. Staying busy is good for me. Well, it's bright sunny and I think I'll go outside and play on the scooter for a while. I added it to my website, going to sell them. I sure picked the wrong time of the year to do that LOL.
Oh, if you get time check out my website.

I'm working on upgrading that too.
Whew I'm making myself tired, is it Beerthirty yet?
Write away everyone, have fun and enjoy everyday.