Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alright already!

Lost passwords, broken computers..this is life! But I'm alive and well and I'm not in Wisconsin anymore. To make a long story short, I'm on another adventure. I must admit it's been a helluva year! I'm out in the woods in BF Florida. How'd I get here? You got me! My Youtube videos are doing quite well, finally learned how to get involved with Google and make pizza money LOL.
So, now that I'm back online. Be ready for some strange stuff.
I hope all of you have had a most grand time in 2009 and will check in when you get time.
I've missed just talking and goofing off and most of all writing.
Life is adventure continues......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My goodness how time flies!

Between house hunting and story writing been busy as can be. My newest story is about Worm holes..Yep you heard me right. Worm holes.

My poor character who recently watched one too many science programs, combining that with a vivid imagination has discovered a worm hole in his backyard. What stated out as a simple day of fishing has turned into quite the adventure. Will he get the cat back? Needless to say, there was something other than mere earthworms waiting that rainy morning...
Is there really a temporal anomaly down that blackness. Not all blackholes are in space..Or are they. Well, I'll have to see what happens next.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

What a great day it is!

Not sure how many knew about the readers poll at Preditors and Editors but I got a neat surprise..I was in the top 10, matter of fact #6. I didn't win anything but it was quite fun to see the results!

That helps me get off my patoot and get some aliens written. I poems are sucky, so it's back to cats and aliens and maybe a temporal annomalie or two.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Playing in the poetry wing.

In memory of

In that moment when time stops,what will remain..of me?
Giggles of silliness mixed gently with a wanderlust never quite settled.
A man who also traveled, together as one.
Regrets? None.
Lived, loved, won, lost.
Son's, grandchildren, life well lived.
Yet in spirit, maybe?
With new eyes awakening. A gentle hand beckons for me to come in.
Heavenly party about to begin.
As a butterfly glides by, may those who knew me...shed no tear,
just smile.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

playing with poetry, sometimes I just get in the mood

On the shores tween night day and day
waits my life,seems far away
as it drifts the dreamless shores
becons me to dance some more

but with haste I tarry not
for the dream is cold not hot
life it waits for me this day
with a soul not far away.

As I watch him deep asleep
I wonder if my love he keeps
then a smile as eyes awake
takes me, close my love awake.

In a day of blue and green
beyond the stars so rarely seen
lays a place of peace so true
a place just made for me and you.

If by chance we tarry not
upon the sad and careless lot
thrown to us from every sort
to make us wish for death of course.

But I've felt this peace before.
Was it somewhere, a different shore?
Was it a place beyond all dreams
A place of laughter, never screams.

Yes I know it! That dark dim space
I see it now beyond this place.
We must attempt to travel there
if we as humans our lives to spare.

Forgiveness wanes, before our eyes.
Death and smoke and babies cry.
We can make this moment stop
if we just think about this clock.

For it ticks and soon will end.
Who will answer for all thats been.
If we not speak and stop the slaughter
no one remains, no son nore daughter.

With a clap of hands devine.
All will end, including time.
Then answer all for what we've done.
You had your chance, your time is done!

I saw a man who had no shoes
he begged me for a dollar
I went about my merry way,
his life I didn't ponder.

Then as I left to find my car
the man was not alone.
Huddled near him was his wife
her face, the worry shone.

I pondered all of what I had.
The meal I had eatten.
Then took my coat from off my back
my life to me was Eden.

I gave the man the shoes I wore,
the blanket from my car seat.
They smiled at me and waved so sweet.
No sight could warm me more.

Then on my door,
arriving home
a note taped on my window.
Thank you for the shoes and such.
God bless you, signed just

Friday, January 16, 2009

Aliens have invaded!!

Looks to me like Marvin the Martian wants loose. This is Douglas (named him that..big chin, dimple..think Kirk Douglas) For some reason, he decided that Marvin is his buddy..
Well, it was -20 outside this morning, now it's up to +0
heat wave anyone?
I've got to run over and get my vote in at the flash contest thingie... I'm trying to get some work done on my story but my office doesn't seem to get warm today..wierd stuff. I'll get more done before the day is out..
Oh no, I'm running low on brewskis too, looks like a great excuse to go to town!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I took a walk to the old cemetery down the road and it was beautiful. I imagine saying a grave yard is cool may sound quite strange...but in a way it's not. Look at the peace here. The birds were singing and a gentle wind washed the trees with the sweet smell of the farms around it. Flowers were everywhere. I went here early summer and now, with all the snow I'm going again today to take some pictures, see how different it might look drenched in brilliant white powdery snow.
I'll take a few photos and try and post them in a day or so. Today worked on a flash in an office on Zoetrope, ran out of time (only have 1 hr) Sunday did three poems in the poetry wing, may just post them for fun, I have some editing to do first.
Well, have fun today, write something wonderful!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Heres something new and fun

go check it out, you might want to play too, get them creative juices flowing. I'm going to, even though I do mostly silly, it will get me motivated..You guys know me, I need all the motivation I can find :)
1000 words a month, we can do it!

go to,

Working on Writing

That said, forget it! Writing is a joy not work, at least to me anyway. I write to get something said. Let's think about that sci fi adventure for a moment...I make a quick outline sometimes, who are my characters, what are they doing in life and how does that pertain to my story? Settings, if they are important, I jot that down to..usually if I have a whole lot of characters involved, I make notes. It just sucks when I'm writing and I forget someones name, so I can glance at my notes and poof, there they are. Same with scientific stuff, google it, get it right, you'd be surprised how many folks will catch that mistake. Made up scientific stuff, that's cool...they sure as heck won't find that on google, or will they? As a time traveler, I can make sure it's listed....can't I.
Well, I'm off to work some more, my poor character is lost in a snow storm, the only way out is a cat...who keeps showing up. Go figure, wonder why this cat is even out there? Hmmm, I think I have an answer, I'll let you know.
Have a most wonderful the way, a blizzard is heading our way..gotta get out that shovel :(
Live long and be Phosphorus.
Go write something.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh I forgot,!!!

I have a shameless plug..for me.
Over on P&E website they are having a readers poll and well I'm on it for voting. Now, you don't have to vote for me, you can read the links which accompany the entries and then votes for whoever.. But, at least..maybe...go see?
Now I also know there are hundreds of entries, so just pop in and decide for yourself if you want to do it.
here are a few links for you :)

I also have a non fiction article called the homeless on vacation

..this one is for cats in space LOL.
and here
and here I've got 2 here but you can only vote for 1.
so, that should drive ya binkies for a while..have fun go vote for anyone you'd like :)


2009! Better late than never :)

First it was a snowstorm, then an ice storm, then I ran out of excuses. It's a grand day today. Wrote a few flash pieces, which made me feel nice. The kitties will NOT get off my desk and my computer monitor is covered in fur, fur that purrs! Oh well, maybe when it croaks I'll buy me a flat screen, think they can sleep on one of those? Probably knowing this bunch, they'll figure it out!
Well, better get back to work, I'm wood burning leather bags for when Rendezvous (living history) season starts, I have a bad case of cabin fever...did I mention that?
Have a great day and may 2009 be your best year ever!