Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I took a walk to the old cemetery down the road and it was beautiful. I imagine saying a grave yard is cool may sound quite strange...but in a way it's not. Look at the peace here. The birds were singing and a gentle wind washed the trees with the sweet smell of the farms around it. Flowers were everywhere. I went here early summer and now, with all the snow I'm going again today to take some pictures, see how different it might look drenched in brilliant white powdery snow.
I'll take a few photos and try and post them in a day or so. Today worked on a flash in an office on Zoetrope, ran out of time (only have 1 hr) Sunday did three poems in the poetry wing, may just post them for fun, I have some editing to do first.
Well, have fun today, write something wonderful!


Barrie said...

Just popping over from the Book Roast to say hi! And I agree....there is something peaceful about cemeteries.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Very true peggy... I know it sounds weird but have visited quite a few places... I never found peace that could be compared to the silence in a cemetery! I don't what people find haunting there... Do post your poems... we would be very happy to read them. Where are you staying in Wisconsin.. I was in Madison a while back... my friends tell its snowing like hell out there... -17 degrees right?

peggy said...

Thanks for posting..I like all the cool trees and markers too, very interesting name and dates.