Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I need to get back to writing instead of playing :)

I just love pictures from the hubble telescope! Gives me a reason to paint, yeah..I screwed it up making a rainbow in space but it had to be done! Tomorrow is Turkey day, heading to my youngest son's house. 4 Grand kids..this ought to be a madhouse LOL.
About me and writing right now, I just haven't been in the mood..wierd isn't it. I figure that as soon as it snows and I can't go outside, I'll get back into it again. I think getting that bad review might have just given me..dare I say it?
Writers block?
Naw, just can't seem to sit still is all.
So everyone out there in blogland.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow. God is sure great!
Talk at you soon..

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving

Somewhere deep in space..maybe..theres a being looking at the stars. Maybe this being is wondering the same thing many of us do. Whats out there? Is this all there is? Each morning, I imagine some of us do the same thing.
To me, it's quite nice to know, that there is more.
Not just my writing but in everything.
It snowed this morning and it was quite beautiful, a gentle reminder of things to come.
Dare I say it?
Anyway, I'm a bit off subject LOL.
Enjoy your week, send a happy thought to that soul somewhere out there in space or maybe somewhere in cyberspace.
Let's be thankful for this day and even the goofy weather :)
May your holiday week be a fine one, surrounded by loved ones.
Happy turkey day guys!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where have I been?

Did I mention my puter shot craps? My oh my it's been so wierd trying to load all the old programs back in this newer/old one. We had bought it as a back up when the one that died first began to act wierd, thank goodness we did. Except, it's a bummer trying to find all the old program discs. I know there are newer better ones out there, I'll do that next but for now, this will do!
Husband found me a cool toy, a graphics tablet. I'm learning to draw with it. It's quite fun yet hard too. I'll post you one to look at. A friend has a childrens book and asked me to try illustrating it. She may want to find a better artist LOL.
Well, I think I'm back for a while. I do hope you've been getting some writing done? Me..nope. LOL.
too much wierd stuff happening.