Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Sunday! Grand and glorious!

Well, not alot of writing going on today, my oldest son is coming for a visit..just a day or two, busy lives and all. But it did remind me to finish a book I've been working on, 76th st. Pedal Patrol.
Its the adventures of kids growing up in the 80's. You guessed it..Stories, goofy ones kept in my journal now resurfacing...of course with a tab of fiction for good measure. Well my sons told me about the space ship that almost landed in the backyard one night..yeah its in there too. So start that journal never know what fun story will be there 10 years downfield.
Well, I'm off to play on my scooter!

Well, here it is Sunday!

This is what I've been doing?
It's quite fun too!
Enjoy the short video :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturdays, ahh, ya gotta love them!

Whose to say that Saturdays are just for kids? Well, it's not me you can bet your life on it. Spent all morning out playing with husband, a few garage sales and just talking...You'd think after 38 years we'd run out of stuff to talk about wouldn't you. Ha! Today he is my partner in crime so to speak. I came up with a new idea for one of my continuing stories, you know the one don't you? The Sumdummer family. This time Cletus and Brenda win a cruise. Okay, that may not sound exciting to you but remember who we're talking about. My very own Redneck Kin folks from another mother and someones father. Yeah, they're going to set the whole Cruise industry back forty years. But it's okay, it's going to be more fun than the time the Druids bought the farm next door. Now, that was fun.
So, I won't give anything away because well husband keeps coming up with so many one liners I'm having a hard time not laughing when I should be writing. LOL. Well, time to get back into it. Oh yeah...Don't forget to visit our newest friends A Bench Press, they're always having fun over there and who knows, you may just make some new friends and win a book!
So have a great Saturday, Garage Sale Day, Cartoon Day!
Cya later guys :o)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, I'm it?

No, I'm lying. I'm collecting lots of great photos though for my next book, sure takes lots of emails and stuff to gather it. Had a few folks say no, I think they are way to busy to play, but thats okay. I do believe I'm gathering some of the finest from regular blackpowder folks there are. I've emailed a neat guy from S.Africa, I didn't even know they did rondyvoos there, live and learn.
I'm also having fun visiting the book roast at A Bench Press, very fun blog! So many authors there promoting their books and playing too. Go look sometimes, I made a link over there on the'll see it. Well, back to work for me. Hope the convention gets over soon, they've taken Voyager down while its on. shame on them.
Well, have a safe and happy day everyone. Write a little, write a lot, do it for one else. Hey! Is that a ufo over there?

Well August is almost over!

Been a grand summer, my car died, so haven't been out promoting my books as I should, Terry the publisher for the Alien Abduction Handbook is doing a great job, I'm happy as a clam! I've been taking my own advice for a change and writing and saving many short story ideas I've been collecting. I get quite a bit of writing done when I'm snowed in.
Well best get busy, practice what I preach and all that.
Tell me how your doing? Is life treating you well? Hope so.
Cya guys

Well August is almost over,

so...I'm double posting..sheesh, I best quit while I'm ahead!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Okay! I've been gone again :)

Here it is August 1st, my excuses this time are fun ones! Not only did Cats in Space become reality but the audio book did too. So I spent part of July doing events to sell them and then I ran around placing them in stores, just a few stores mind you. Money is tight in the world right now so I did consignments. Lets hope they all pay or return books later. I'd prefer they sold them all of course. I also placed some books in some fun UFO stores, one in Nevada and one in Wisconsin and a new one is interested out of Oregon. I sure hope it pans out!

So hows your writing coming along? During the summer, its hard to sit down and plug in. So many things to do outside and summer seems short. Ahhh life! I love it.
So, let me know what you've been up to and have a safe August! God is pretty neat to give us these playdays :)
Till next time. Sci fi away!