Monday, September 29, 2008

I lost my bestest friend today...

She is only a cat to some, to me a very very special friend. When I was homeless 12 years ago, I found her (the homeless part is another story) She was tiny and salt and pepper colored. Short hair slick as can be and fiesty! She was wee bit of kitten froma farm in Iowa, but I loved her spirit! 12 Years have passed, her name was Stoopid Baby. My friend when I was sad, my hiking companion, my protector, her at 5 pounds. She never grew much.
Over the past few days my friend keep hiding outside. I tracked her down, soaking up sunshine, avoiding me. I knew either I'd forgotten her favorite taste of cheese or she was sick. I called the vet, we are way out in the country. They closed. Monday was the earliest. So, I brought her skinny silvery self inside. Two hours later Houdini was gone again. I found her in the mourning. Thinner, colder, sadder than ever. I gave her soup, some filtered water. She refused. She cried and called me names. We all have heard how our feline friends can do that. Leave me alone, go away etc. Sunday night she stopped, she watched me from my office , she refused to look at me. I curled up on the floor next to her, singing her name softly to her. She laid her head in the palm of my hand and slept.
Vet time, Monday. She calls me, ever so softly, weakly, her eyes meeting mine.
We go to the doctor, he tells me words I don't wish to hear. They bring the needle, to release her from pain and time. She once again lays her head in my hand, her soft paws curl around my fingers. She sighs once more..she is gone. Now it is just my pain and loneliness...My bestest friend is gone.
I am reminded..Absent from the body present with the Lord. I hope she remembers me, is waiting for me when it's my time.
Good by Stoopid baby, I Love You.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's talk like a pirate day!

I know..big deal..but it should be a big deal. Any day that can start off with an Arghh! Is a great day! Think of it as a holiday. Just so we can say silly things, maybe make someone smile! I'm still collecting stories and pictures for my next book, not sure of a good title yet..Rendezvous past and present? Living History? Have any ideas? I'm stll in the middle of remodeling here in the office, maybe thats where my muse is hiding..under the plywood that will be my shelves soon?
Well, need to make some notes and scan some photos for insertion..maybe ?
Hope your week end rocks.
Say it with me now

Now don't you feel better?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well I finally have a laptop

My very handsome, smarter than me son sent it to me, so now when I want to work outdoors I can!
I've been having a hard time lately, I can't seem to quit talking about Aliens..I need to change gear I think. I'll still be doing sci fi but I do believe I am driving folks crazy. We're suppose to write about what we like, about what we know. Aliens, outer space, these things I know and understand. Now to find something else to talk about. Got any ideas? Not that anyone ever reads this, but who knows. :)
We bought the material today top redo the office, should look slick when we're finished.
I've been enjoying myself over at the Book blog/ roast. I even won a book. Cool! Looks like a good book too, Chasing Smoke. Bill writes great. He has a nice agent too, Janet. Maybe someday when I'm not so afraid and when I write words worth selling..I would enjoy one. one would like that! LOL..
Well, I've got some editing to do. Write well, have fun and enjoy every moment you have each day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, here it is Tuesday already.

There are no words for me to type paper is blank. I wonder why? could it be the change in the weather? Everyone here at my house, cats included are a bunch of grumps. It has to be the weather I tell you!
Well, since I have absolutely nothing of importance to say I'll leave it unsaid until whatever it is I want o say makes itself known to me.
So, till tomorrow or maybe later today..who knows. I'm gonna go outside, sneak into the forest and see if I can't find something wierd and unusual to do.
How about you? Has this ever happened to you?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, it's sure feeling like fall!

Been taking care of a friends web buisness while he's gone. I have to admit..I am an idiot!
But I am trying and thats all thats important. Also been just playing alt. When the weather changes I have an urge just to be outside! I do miss having a large yard but I'm still having fun. Playing alot with my Slider scooter..actual name, Unscooter. But I like slider best. Going into buisness, gonna sell them. Wish me luck. Well, gotta get some editing done, maybe run over to book roast see how there doing, I like playing there. Nice folks with a grand scheme..helping writers!
Well, May your Monday be a grand one. Take care..lsypov uhew..
Dang cat!

It's a bright Friday morning! I'm lying!!

Grey and dreary but what fun I'm having. Visited over at the book roast blog thing, very nice folks too. Well, been busy with my 76th street pedal patrol series. Everytime I think I'm finished, damn if a kid doesn't call and remind me of..hey Mom remember when Bigfoot was in the backyard? Hey Mom what about the monster chicken? So..Do I make it one big book full of adventures or a short bunch of books..hmmm, who knows. For now I'll just keep them one at a time, I can always edit them together later I suppose. The main thing is to get them done first, then flesh them out..get rid of words that a kid would hate trying to decipher. I love this. Not my usual alien story this time. In a way it's all true but of course being I didn't actually see Bigfoot etc. I'll just flesh it out..creative writing that makes me laugh. Well, whatever your writing today, have fun with it. Oh...there is a bit of scifi in here..They swear a spaceship buzzed the camp, would a ten year old lie to his momma?
God bless guys, have fun today!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Here it is Monday!

Took a few days off to play, my oldest son and his wife came up from Kentucky to visit. Heres what I call,

Memorizing a moment..
Let me tell you of a memory I made last evening.
This night, last night was a special night. Two sons, together again. This time…both with wives and love. I was sped back in time, to a special moment, two sons, One ten, one six, yet not. I saw them hug one another as if they hadn’t seen each other for a hundred years, maybe it had been a hundred years. To them. The oldest son, just married a year or so came to visit, not just his Momma, but also his brother. Yes, I do believe it was to once again connect with his brother more than me. They both knew, inside, Momma loved them both.

I think it was to connect with anything they may have left unsaid, untold, unmentioned and it took having mom there to finish this wonderful thing.

Big brother and baby brother, both different, yet so much the same coming to grip with age, time and life. They hugged, wrestled, played like they were once again flung back in time, to something I may not have seen, they think. They found each other again through the youngest son’s children. My oldest, the young aggressive maker of money and the youngest, Happy with what he has. Children.

At first, I thought there might be jealously. But it wasn’t at all what I thought. It was if the oldest was so very proud of what his baby brother has and then He too was proud of being an uncle. He, my oldest baby, played on swings and slides, crawled in sand piles and swingsets…I saw him again age eight. I watched as my youngest baby smiled, knowing what fun his successful moneyed brother was having and for the first time in his life was not embarrassed at being the poor son. He knew he was the rich one…finally. He knew he was richer than anything his successful brother could ever imagine. Yet he said nay a word. Then, out of nowhere, much to my surprise, big brother age 37 threw baby brother of 33 over his shoulder and they ran off into the woods like children. I laughed till I cried. Four nieces and nephews screaming, laughing after their uncle who had their Daddy on his shoulder. Big brother and baby brother were friends again. No, more than that they were brothers, they were ten years old. Kids and grandbabies rolled atop one another, leaves flew wives laughed and hugged.

But, to make it worse, even better. Momma, ME I ran and jumped into the rolling mass of kids, wives, grandbabies and threw leaves, scolded, laughed and tossed my two grown boys around like I TOO was a young momma. Last night was the joy of my life.

That’s what I did last night. That’s my story and I‘m sticking to it!

Today all my babies have gone home, they are once again..Husbands, Dads, men. But last night they were brothers and I was Mom.
I‘ll never ever ever forget