Friday, September 12, 2008

It's a bright Friday morning! I'm lying!!

Grey and dreary but what fun I'm having. Visited over at the book roast blog thing, very nice folks too. Well, been busy with my 76th street pedal patrol series. Everytime I think I'm finished, damn if a kid doesn't call and remind me of..hey Mom remember when Bigfoot was in the backyard? Hey Mom what about the monster chicken? So..Do I make it one big book full of adventures or a short bunch of books..hmmm, who knows. For now I'll just keep them one at a time, I can always edit them together later I suppose. The main thing is to get them done first, then flesh them out..get rid of words that a kid would hate trying to decipher. I love this. Not my usual alien story this time. In a way it's all true but of course being I didn't actually see Bigfoot etc. I'll just flesh it out..creative writing that makes me laugh. Well, whatever your writing today, have fun with it. Oh...there is a bit of scifi in here..They swear a spaceship buzzed the camp, would a ten year old lie to his momma?
God bless guys, have fun today!

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