Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well I finally have a laptop

My very handsome, smarter than me son sent it to me, so now when I want to work outdoors I can!
I've been having a hard time lately, I can't seem to quit talking about Aliens..I need to change gear I think. I'll still be doing sci fi but I do believe I am driving folks crazy. We're suppose to write about what we like, about what we know. Aliens, outer space, these things I know and understand. Now to find something else to talk about. Got any ideas? Not that anyone ever reads this, but who knows. :)
We bought the material today top redo the office, should look slick when we're finished.
I've been enjoying myself over at the Book blog/ roast. I even won a book. Cool! Looks like a good book too, Chasing Smoke. Bill writes great. He has a nice agent too, Janet. Maybe someday when I'm not so afraid and when I write words worth selling..I would enjoy one. one would like that! LOL..
Well, I've got some editing to do. Write well, have fun and enjoy every moment you have each day!

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