Monday, September 08, 2008

Here it is Monday!

Took a few days off to play, my oldest son and his wife came up from Kentucky to visit. Heres what I call,

Memorizing a moment..
Let me tell you of a memory I made last evening.
This night, last night was a special night. Two sons, together again. This time…both with wives and love. I was sped back in time, to a special moment, two sons, One ten, one six, yet not. I saw them hug one another as if they hadn’t seen each other for a hundred years, maybe it had been a hundred years. To them. The oldest son, just married a year or so came to visit, not just his Momma, but also his brother. Yes, I do believe it was to once again connect with his brother more than me. They both knew, inside, Momma loved them both.

I think it was to connect with anything they may have left unsaid, untold, unmentioned and it took having mom there to finish this wonderful thing.

Big brother and baby brother, both different, yet so much the same coming to grip with age, time and life. They hugged, wrestled, played like they were once again flung back in time, to something I may not have seen, they think. They found each other again through the youngest son’s children. My oldest, the young aggressive maker of money and the youngest, Happy with what he has. Children.

At first, I thought there might be jealously. But it wasn’t at all what I thought. It was if the oldest was so very proud of what his baby brother has and then He too was proud of being an uncle. He, my oldest baby, played on swings and slides, crawled in sand piles and swingsets…I saw him again age eight. I watched as my youngest baby smiled, knowing what fun his successful moneyed brother was having and for the first time in his life was not embarrassed at being the poor son. He knew he was the rich one…finally. He knew he was richer than anything his successful brother could ever imagine. Yet he said nay a word. Then, out of nowhere, much to my surprise, big brother age 37 threw baby brother of 33 over his shoulder and they ran off into the woods like children. I laughed till I cried. Four nieces and nephews screaming, laughing after their uncle who had their Daddy on his shoulder. Big brother and baby brother were friends again. No, more than that they were brothers, they were ten years old. Kids and grandbabies rolled atop one another, leaves flew wives laughed and hugged.

But, to make it worse, even better. Momma, ME I ran and jumped into the rolling mass of kids, wives, grandbabies and threw leaves, scolded, laughed and tossed my two grown boys around like I TOO was a young momma. Last night was the joy of my life.

That’s what I did last night. That’s my story and I‘m sticking to it!

Today all my babies have gone home, they are once again..Husbands, Dads, men. But last night they were brothers and I was Mom.
I‘ll never ever ever forget

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