Monday, September 29, 2008

I lost my bestest friend today...

She is only a cat to some, to me a very very special friend. When I was homeless 12 years ago, I found her (the homeless part is another story) She was tiny and salt and pepper colored. Short hair slick as can be and fiesty! She was wee bit of kitten froma farm in Iowa, but I loved her spirit! 12 Years have passed, her name was Stoopid Baby. My friend when I was sad, my hiking companion, my protector, her at 5 pounds. She never grew much.
Over the past few days my friend keep hiding outside. I tracked her down, soaking up sunshine, avoiding me. I knew either I'd forgotten her favorite taste of cheese or she was sick. I called the vet, we are way out in the country. They closed. Monday was the earliest. So, I brought her skinny silvery self inside. Two hours later Houdini was gone again. I found her in the mourning. Thinner, colder, sadder than ever. I gave her soup, some filtered water. She refused. She cried and called me names. We all have heard how our feline friends can do that. Leave me alone, go away etc. Sunday night she stopped, she watched me from my office , she refused to look at me. I curled up on the floor next to her, singing her name softly to her. She laid her head in the palm of my hand and slept.
Vet time, Monday. She calls me, ever so softly, weakly, her eyes meeting mine.
We go to the doctor, he tells me words I don't wish to hear. They bring the needle, to release her from pain and time. She once again lays her head in my hand, her soft paws curl around my fingers. She sighs once more..she is gone. Now it is just my pain and loneliness...My bestest friend is gone.
I am reminded..Absent from the body present with the Lord. I hope she remembers me, is waiting for me when it's my time.
Good by Stoopid baby, I Love You.


Madge Sinclair said...

My dear, my poor, poor dear!

I am so sorry to hear the bad news! You gave your dear friend such a wonderful home and you should be commended for that! I know you will miss her dearly, but hold on to the good memories! You are in my prayers, dear!



Madge Sinclair said...

You know, I sincerely believe that God does bring animals to heaven. He loves them so much that why would he let them go when they are so wonderful and loving!

Your dear friend sounded so sweet. I know Maxine would have loved to play with her, but I don't know if she would have accepted being shaken up by a young playful pug.

peggy said...

Thanks for caring Marge, I feel better today, all my other kitties are baby'n me ..its quite cute. A good nights sleep and today I can cope. Yesterday was just...yucky.
I thank you again for caring :)

Madge Sinclair said...


You're welcome, dear. It is never easy to lose a beloved pet. I've lost several dogs over my 76 years and I miss them all dearly, and I even dream about them at times. But now, I just have little Maxine and she is just a pleasure to have around. Out of all the dogs I've ever had, she is the quietest.

God bless,


ChrisEldin said...

Peggy, I am very, very sorry. I consider pets as part of the family, and I think the pain is no less.
My prayers with you too.