Friday, October 03, 2008

Well, I've been playing again

Probably should be writing, but it just felt like a doodley kinda day. Heres my Bobcat in a tree, taking a nap LOL.
Now, I'll get my skinny butt in gear and work on my story again. With the 76th st Pedal Patrol, I'm not quite sure how long they should be, since there are about 8 of them..All in one book? Someone else mentioned that MG stories sell quite well..still not sure weather to make each chapter a story, since all the characters are mostly the same ..well, Time will tell!

My latest Scifi story is out there making the rounds with magazines and I'm getting ready to send of my NF piece, The Cabbage Patch. Staying busy is good for me. Well, it's bright sunny and I think I'll go outside and play on the scooter for a while. I added it to my website, going to sell them. I sure picked the wrong time of the year to do that LOL.
Oh, if you get time check out my website.

I'm working on upgrading that too.
Whew I'm making myself tired, is it Beerthirty yet?
Write away everyone, have fun and enjoy everyday.


stock market pick said...
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Anonymous said...

all writers and bloggers have mental blogs and need a play now and then.
And... it's always beer o´clock.


ChrisEldin said...

Did you sketch that? It's very very nice!!!

peggy said...

Thanks, I like playing with pen & ink..doodling is quite fun :)