Friday, February 23, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a wild month it's been

I was getting sue'd over my book Irish Wilderness, after I finally contacted the U.S.Copyright office and called their lawyer. I think it's over. I hope. No word yet. But no news is good news I figure :)
Lots of folks been fussing lately on the writers site, may be that winter is getting to them. Spring is around the corner, so hopefully they will all be their old happy selves. I still haven't sold this place yet, but I'll be moving anyway soon as the snow is gone. Life is one grand adventure! I have enjoyed a lot of the writers tries at Videos to promote their books, I am glad to see them try. So many folks try and discourage Print on Demand books, and I don't really know why. Oh I suppose if you're wanting to be rich and famous, POD isn't the way to go. But I love that they are trying and instead of b eing discouraged as a writer they get it finished and into print. I'm sure when the great American Novel gets written an agent will find them, the good Lord seems to work that way. Well, Happy Valentines day world. I've got a book to work on. May all your stories be happy ones!
God bless and keep smiling!