Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here it is Dec 5 and I'm snowed in

So after moving north, forgetting winter I got a gentle reminder, if 6 inches of snow could be gentle :)
Its beautiful, but poor husband can't go out and play. The doc doesn't want him to have a heart attack trying to do snow, so there I was. Little bitty shovel in hand while all around me snow blowers were hard at work. I did part of the sidewalk, cross the bridge then went inside to get warm. Then I heard a noise from outside, I have no idea who he was, but he was finishing my shoveling for me with his trusty snowblower. God bless.
Then I screwed up, see I have a small creek in the backyard and well, another guy with a backloader was dumping great big bunches of snow in the ditch beside it. The drainage holes are now blocked, all I could and do think of is...where is the water going to go now? The creek, springfed is still running..smack dab into a wall of ice and snow. So being a dumb girl I ran outside and stopped the backhow thing..he swears that it won't stop the water and my garage will not flood. I kept smiling. So now guess what all the other parts of my street are getting the ice removed but me. I guess its to teach me to not rock the boat. Oh well. I did go take pictures though and if it floods, I'm gonna pitch a fit. Will I ever learn to shut up? Probably not.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

For all of us cat lovers

< a href="">Cats around the Christmas tree

Its a great little book with 12 fun Holiday stories. I was happy to have one of mine included "Miracle in the Desert"
Now I am working on saving a bunch of wonderful old poems, handwritten by my husband mom..way back when she was a young girl. I'm going to scan them and see if we can read them..might be nice to have them in her own writing. Pass them on to future generations. Finally have heat here..thanks goodness, cause its quite chilly...cold...ffreezin...outside LOL
Well, better get scanning. Have a great Sunday world.

Friday, November 09, 2007

voting starts today

Well, I have a video up for voting and one I made for someone else, Mark..I think he's #2. All the trailers are good so I don't expect you to vote for me. Just go vote and give them some encouragement. If you get time, go watch the video book trailers and vote if you can. Lots of Zoetropers in the running too.

Oh, I had applied for a fun job and didn't get it. Oh well, it was for 2 hrs on Saturdays LOL. at the post office. Maybe the good Lord has something more fun waiting for me, who knows. I'm not a bit sad about it, I haven't applied for any kind of job in 20 years.
My newest book should be released soon, the publisher says the ARC's are in, and if you happen to be a reviewer, he'll be glad to send you a copy, just give me an email.
Well, think I'll get busy and do something even if its wrong. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, I've been busy as a bee

We painted this old place, then they put a roof on it a month back, now we're trying to get some heat in here. Haven't done alot of new writing, just lots of revisions for some work a publisher has. I also submitted an article to Writers Digest and was I surprised when I got an email back asking for me to shorten it and if I could they would Buy it! Wonder what they pay? Who cares, I sent off the revsion, now to see what happens. Hope he meant it! Anyway, heres a quick video of what we did to this old place..the music is by a good friend, Blackhawk.

Now that its cold, I'm sure I'll be online more. Hope you had a great summer and that Gods been good to you. Enjoy everyday as if it were your last :)
Oh..I put some links up to some friends blogs, take a peak if you get time.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I published my newest book!

It's a fun book chocked full of stories! We've got haunted Harley's and bear with a taste for eating them and as you can tell from the title, a few forest folk to round it out. Magical kitties..well, theres something here for anyone! Heres the video I am working on to give you an idea :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wild fun week/ month...whatever!

So it here it July 1, I have electric, furnace yet, but who cares! I went to a great rendezvous over fathers day. I signed lots and lots of books, played..roasted my arse off. I ran out of the Irish Wilderness..that seems to be everyones favorite so far. I danced sang, played in the rain and Generally had a blast! You can check out more photos on my webpage, which I finally updated..kinda :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I made it!

Here I am in Wisconsin..not a tick to be seen. I know they're out there, just not in my yard :)
Had a hard few weeks, lost one of my kitties over the cat food thing in April and well, kinda got me down, didn't do much of anything but work on the house. But now, well...time for me to get back to writing. Been doing some poems..not very good at it either.. LOL.. better stick with sci fi and fantasy I think. I've gotten lots and lots of hits on my Youtube video below, lots of great emails too. I have a great book signing event coming in June..I'll take pictures, so cross your fingers I sell lots and lots. I'm very proud of them because they are such fun to read, Yeah, I read them over and over..looking for mistakes..stoopid time to look for them isn't it haha..Well, hope your spring is great, flowers are smelling wonderful and life is good. God bless

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a wild month it's been

I was getting sue'd over my book Irish Wilderness, after I finally contacted the U.S.Copyright office and called their lawyer. I think it's over. I hope. No word yet. But no news is good news I figure :)
Lots of folks been fussing lately on the writers site, may be that winter is getting to them. Spring is around the corner, so hopefully they will all be their old happy selves. I still haven't sold this place yet, but I'll be moving anyway soon as the snow is gone. Life is one grand adventure! I have enjoyed a lot of the writers tries at Videos to promote their books, I am glad to see them try. So many folks try and discourage Print on Demand books, and I don't really know why. Oh I suppose if you're wanting to be rich and famous, POD isn't the way to go. But I love that they are trying and instead of b eing discouraged as a writer they get it finished and into print. I'm sure when the great American Novel gets written an agent will find them, the good Lord seems to work that way. Well, Happy Valentines day world. I've got a book to work on. May all your stories be happy ones!
God bless and keep smiling!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My newest book is now on Amazon, finally. I started writing this twenty years ago, when I decided to get off my rear and get it edited, lots had to be updated. When I started it, there were no you can see, lots had to be rewritten. But it looks great!

Another exciting thing, a movie company wishes to see one of my stories made into a screenplay and submitted to them. They loved the whole idea, now I'm hopeing a fellow writer friend of mine can do the job for me. Would that be great? You know it!
So thats where I've been. Spent all of January so far working on these projects. Hopefully the new one..which I love the most..will succeed! Who know, The good Lord's in charge, not me.
Hope 2007 has been wonderful to you all.
God bless!
peg..again :)