Friday, November 09, 2007

voting starts today

Well, I have a video up for voting and one I made for someone else, Mark..I think he's #2. All the trailers are good so I don't expect you to vote for me. Just go vote and give them some encouragement. If you get time, go watch the video book trailers and vote if you can. Lots of Zoetropers in the running too.

Oh, I had applied for a fun job and didn't get it. Oh well, it was for 2 hrs on Saturdays LOL. at the post office. Maybe the good Lord has something more fun waiting for me, who knows. I'm not a bit sad about it, I haven't applied for any kind of job in 20 years.
My newest book should be released soon, the publisher says the ARC's are in, and if you happen to be a reviewer, he'll be glad to send you a copy, just give me an email.
Well, think I'll get busy and do something even if its wrong. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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