Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, I've been busy as a bee

We painted this old place, then they put a roof on it a month back, now we're trying to get some heat in here. Haven't done alot of new writing, just lots of revisions for some work a publisher has. I also submitted an article to Writers Digest and was I surprised when I got an email back asking for me to shorten it and if I could they would Buy it! Wonder what they pay? Who cares, I sent off the revsion, now to see what happens. Hope he meant it! Anyway, heres a quick video of what we did to this old place..the music is by a good friend, Blackhawk.

Now that its cold, I'm sure I'll be online more. Hope you had a great summer and that Gods been good to you. Enjoy everyday as if it were your last :)
Oh..I put some links up to some friends blogs, take a peak if you get time.

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