Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here it almost the end of October

Well, what do ya think? As you know my original publisher of the ufo handbook disappeared, gave me the blues for a few days but then a publisher from RazaR decided to do it. Well, its going to be through Lulu..which I suppose is okay, who knows. But at least there it is, soon to be for sale. I also submitted about four stories to Amazon, no word yet from them, may take while, they're getting lots more subs now. I've been busy playing outside, way too much and not getting a lot done, like I should it's getting cold, I'll be inside more (boo hoo) and maybe get some writing done.
I've got ads up all over the place so hopefully some of them will bare fruit :)
Well, hope everyone is having a grand day and is getting ready for Christmas. It's never too early to start ya know:)
God bless

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm playin with You Tube!!

I've spent days editing a bunch of stories for Razar..hopefully they'll take them..if not..Oh well, not meant to be. Zoetrope has been fun, Ivan's office has let everyone let off steam and now it's pretty calm around there. Lots of goofing off, but thats good. Lots of stories come out when you play. I have a little poem live over at
check it out if you get time. Well, I have some packing to do too and a flash to get my reviews done and voted on all before I head out Tomorrow
so have fun guys!

Well, I'm heading to my son's wedding tomorrow. Be back Monday
Have a great week end
God bless