Sunday, April 06, 2008

Writing wierd..and loving it tried to write the great American Novel and now that you look at are this sucks..What to do..what to do.
I have an idea. Start by making yourself a prompt. Find a wierd picture on the internet..then sit down and make up a story to go with it. Do that a few times a week. Then sit down and open the you the prompt. You will discover that you can suddenly add new and fun things to your book. We have a way when we write of jotting down the story, get finished and edit and we're done..until later on.. Then we get the after I wrote it remorse blues.
See? No? Try the prompts..put about your novel for a few weeks. Then you will see. It will come alive again.

Alien Memoirs and a new audio book

Yup, you heard me right. I sold the audio rights and in June it will be released by Audiobookman..I can hardly wait to hear it!

Another bit of exciting news is a new venture, a collaboration between a bunch of us, a magazine!

Cats in Space. Theres going to be a continuing story about earth cats saving the world from Cats that came to earth to save them. Like they need saving...

We need saving from all of them haha..

Think about what happens when a cat owner uses an electric can opener.. LOL.

We are going to place the magazine in various pet stores all over the country. I'll post here when its ready for release. The stories are in, the photos and cartoons. Now for the hard part. Poor Pete, he has the job of putting it all in the right format and publishing it. It's Steelmoon publishing to the rescue once again.

So, have a great Sunday. Spring is here and I have cabin fever.

I think I need to get some writing done or maybe play outside for a while.

God bless and have a marvelous day!!