Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Here it is Dec 5 and I'm snowed in

So after moving north, forgetting winter I got a gentle reminder, if 6 inches of snow could be gentle :)
Its beautiful, but poor husband can't go out and play. The doc doesn't want him to have a heart attack trying to do snow, so there I was. Little bitty shovel in hand while all around me snow blowers were hard at work. I did part of the sidewalk, cross the bridge then went inside to get warm. Then I heard a noise from outside, I have no idea who he was, but he was finishing my shoveling for me with his trusty snowblower. God bless.
Then I screwed up, see I have a small creek in the backyard and well, another guy with a backloader was dumping great big bunches of snow in the ditch beside it. The drainage holes are now blocked, all I could and do think of is...where is the water going to go now? The creek, springfed is still running..smack dab into a wall of ice and snow. So being a dumb girl I ran outside and stopped the backhow thing..he swears that it won't stop the water and my garage will not flood. I kept smiling. So now guess what all the other parts of my street are getting the ice removed but me. I guess its to teach me to not rock the boat. Oh well. I did go take pictures though and if it floods, I'm gonna pitch a fit. Will I ever learn to shut up? Probably not.