Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I made it!

Here I am in Wisconsin..not a tick to be seen. I know they're out there, just not in my yard :)
Had a hard few weeks, lost one of my kitties over the cat food thing in April and well, kinda got me down, didn't do much of anything but work on the house. But now, well...time for me to get back to writing. Been doing some poems..not very good at it either.. LOL.. better stick with sci fi and fantasy I think. I've gotten lots and lots of hits on my Youtube video below, lots of great emails too. I have a great book signing event coming in June..I'll take pictures, so cross your fingers I sell lots and lots. I'm very proud of them because they are such fun to read, Yeah, I read them over and over..looking for mistakes..stoopid time to look for them isn't it haha..Well, hope your spring is great, flowers are smelling wonderful and life is good. God bless

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