Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So..I've been having a hard time writing...but!

Today I got an idea! Scarey huh? I've been reading a cool excerpt about a cat involved with a mystery and thought, hey I can write one. Completely different of course but a mystery just the same. You all know I have a dozen cats..well, what if slowly one by one they disappear. For that touch of wierd, I may have one..a ghost help find the others. What if, it all has to do with this old 2 story building I bought, what if that giant room (it's really a cistrene I think) hides something, something that someone wants back and can't get as long as we're here. What if?
So, I'm making notes, kinda an outline..who what where when and why...
Then, after I've read my ideas again, this is what I do...I turn on some sountracks, then sit down at this puter, surrounded by all the beasties...and write. I never edit until I'm finished, might break my train of thought. When I do get into write mode, I just snack, no heavy meals through the day until; Beer thirty. Then it's time to cook supper, pour my favorite brewski over a tall glass of ice and enjoy my evening.
Well, this is my plan.
Whats down in that hidden room?
Who are these guys
Where have they taken my cats
When will I figure out this puzzle
Why am I asking you?
Have a most awesome day today, live long and be Phosprous.
God bless


Billy said...

Bravo--no editing until you finish. People who constantly stop to edit, imho, miss the flow, getting into a zone.

peggy said...

I never edit until I'm finished..gotta keep the story moving and alive :)
Thanks Billy