Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday my puter crashed..

So from 4 in the afternoon until bedtime I tried everything. By the time I went to bed, it looked like I was going to be computerless! Black screen, blinking curser, I wa doomed I tell you, Doomed!

Well, around 4 am, I woke up from a dream about the puter. In the dream theres a Disc called Recovery in a Space Ship. A space ship mind you.
I walk into the puter room, screen is still black the white curser blinking top left...still dead.

So, I head downstairs and theres an old box of mine labeled office, not unpacked yet. So while coffees cooking I looked inside and what in the heck do you think was in it. A Shuttlecraft from Star trek, A Disc Holder. I open it, no way..and inside..Recovery disc. Just 1 disc inside. Now I'm wondering, just how old is this thing..whose puter is it for anyway? So I shut puter off, loaded the CD into it. Fired the sucker up..Hot dang! Recovery disc from space ship! I do love these kinds of things!
Isn't it strange how the mind can solve problems while we sleep. I honestly had no idea that I even owned that disc. So anyone, everyone..make a disc of your own called Recovery, find a spaceship to store it in and then sleep tight.
Well, maybe, just maybe I did visit with Aliens last night? Whatever, you can bet I am not going to complain!
Good writing everyone and don't forget to kiss your puter every once in a while, might help :)


ChrisEldin said...

I've had that happen a couple of times (the solutions via dreams) and it's always a GREAT feeling! So glad it worked out for you!!!

peggy said...

me too..I put the little space shuttle on my desk now, just in case it happens again :)

Madge Sinclair said...

Oh you have the gift of dreams that foretell things!

You know what's funny? Yesterday at the Olive Garden, Agnes, Betty, and I were discussing dreams. I talked about my usual dream of having Kevin Costner work as my nude house boy, and I get to pinch his buttocks anytime I like.

Well then Agnes ruins my moment by telling me that she dreamed that sauerkraut juice would make an interesting ingredient in her chocolate frosting recipe. So the woman tried it and said, "It's not half bad, but you have acquire a taste for it!"

Good Lord I hate gettin' old!

Billy said...

Do you have a back-up external hard drive? They're not too expensive.

btw, Im linking you to both my blogs if that's okay :)


peggy said...

Thanks Billy, looks like a external hard drive is on my shopping list :)