Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturdays, ahh, ya gotta love them!

Whose to say that Saturdays are just for kids? Well, it's not me you can bet your life on it. Spent all morning out playing with husband, a few garage sales and just talking...You'd think after 38 years we'd run out of stuff to talk about wouldn't you. Ha! Today he is my partner in crime so to speak. I came up with a new idea for one of my continuing stories, you know the one don't you? The Sumdummer family. This time Cletus and Brenda win a cruise. Okay, that may not sound exciting to you but remember who we're talking about. My very own Redneck Kin folks from another mother and someones father. Yeah, they're going to set the whole Cruise industry back forty years. But it's okay, it's going to be more fun than the time the Druids bought the farm next door. Now, that was fun.
So, I won't give anything away because well husband keeps coming up with so many one liners I'm having a hard time not laughing when I should be writing. LOL. Well, time to get back into it. Oh yeah...Don't forget to visit our newest friends A Bench Press, they're always having fun over there and who knows, you may just make some new friends and win a book!
So have a great Saturday, Garage Sale Day, Cartoon Day!
Cya later guys :o)

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