Friday, August 01, 2008

Okay! I've been gone again :)

Here it is August 1st, my excuses this time are fun ones! Not only did Cats in Space become reality but the audio book did too. So I spent part of July doing events to sell them and then I ran around placing them in stores, just a few stores mind you. Money is tight in the world right now so I did consignments. Lets hope they all pay or return books later. I'd prefer they sold them all of course. I also placed some books in some fun UFO stores, one in Nevada and one in Wisconsin and a new one is interested out of Oregon. I sure hope it pans out!

So hows your writing coming along? During the summer, its hard to sit down and plug in. So many things to do outside and summer seems short. Ahhh life! I love it.
So, let me know what you've been up to and have a safe August! God is pretty neat to give us these playdays :)
Till next time. Sci fi away!

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