Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I need to get back to writing instead of playing :)

I just love pictures from the hubble telescope! Gives me a reason to paint, yeah..I screwed it up making a rainbow in space but it had to be done! Tomorrow is Turkey day, heading to my youngest son's house. 4 Grand kids..this ought to be a madhouse LOL.
About me and writing right now, I just haven't been in the mood..wierd isn't it. I figure that as soon as it snows and I can't go outside, I'll get back into it again. I think getting that bad review might have just given me..dare I say it?
Writers block?
Naw, just can't seem to sit still is all.
So everyone out there in blogland.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow. God is sure great!
Talk at you soon..

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