Wednesday, January 21, 2009

playing with poetry, sometimes I just get in the mood

On the shores tween night day and day
waits my life,seems far away
as it drifts the dreamless shores
becons me to dance some more

but with haste I tarry not
for the dream is cold not hot
life it waits for me this day
with a soul not far away.

As I watch him deep asleep
I wonder if my love he keeps
then a smile as eyes awake
takes me, close my love awake.

In a day of blue and green
beyond the stars so rarely seen
lays a place of peace so true
a place just made for me and you.

If by chance we tarry not
upon the sad and careless lot
thrown to us from every sort
to make us wish for death of course.

But I've felt this peace before.
Was it somewhere, a different shore?
Was it a place beyond all dreams
A place of laughter, never screams.

Yes I know it! That dark dim space
I see it now beyond this place.
We must attempt to travel there
if we as humans our lives to spare.

Forgiveness wanes, before our eyes.
Death and smoke and babies cry.
We can make this moment stop
if we just think about this clock.

For it ticks and soon will end.
Who will answer for all thats been.
If we not speak and stop the slaughter
no one remains, no son nore daughter.

With a clap of hands devine.
All will end, including time.
Then answer all for what we've done.
You had your chance, your time is done!

I saw a man who had no shoes
he begged me for a dollar
I went about my merry way,
his life I didn't ponder.

Then as I left to find my car
the man was not alone.
Huddled near him was his wife
her face, the worry shone.

I pondered all of what I had.
The meal I had eatten.
Then took my coat from off my back
my life to me was Eden.

I gave the man the shoes I wore,
the blanket from my car seat.
They smiled at me and waved so sweet.
No sight could warm me more.

Then on my door,
arriving home
a note taped on my window.
Thank you for the shoes and such.
God bless you, signed just

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