Friday, January 13, 2006

Fun with Fridays the 13th

"Fun and Freaky Friday 13th. I am so crackin up. Was thinking of maybe a bar b que later on.. looks like my kitty is up to it too .. Isn't she cuteCnn's been going on and on about Friday the 13th, all must be pretty durn good in the world if thats todays headlines. Its cold wet and rainy here today and I am stuck in the house. Bummer! Well, a day like today makes me really enjoy having all my cats in my office, fur balls and all. thats okay. I've submitted my manuscript and a couple queries this past week, so cross your fingers for me, okay? Still no rejection from glimmertrain, sure wish they'd get it overwith . No I'm not thinking negative, want to move on and get it to places that take multiple submissions. This wait 3 months drives me nuts, doesn't it bug you ? Well. so husband and I finished editing a few more stories so may just spend some time submitting them too. The more thats out there the better! Right! Well, better run and find those spots needing some fun stuff to read. Have a great day and think positive about something today. I'll do the same. See ya soon.

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