Saturday, January 07, 2006

What a great week end this is going to be!

Happy Saturday all. Should be great to play outside on this fine Saturday. Not too hot(I wish) not to cold (with 3 shirts on). This is a neat place I hike to, I call it deer camp, looks like other folks used it long ago for thaat. The colors are neat and it winds through the brush to a clearing. Neat isn't it. A bit of my Ozark yard. I spent all day yesterday revising and submitting stories all over the place. That way they're not just sitting there growing dust bunnies. By the way, what do you feed dust bunnies anyway? During my research I was in a way groseed out. I am not mainstream. Do you know what the fastest. most often site are that buy stories? Erotica, sy yuck! No offense. I can't imagine selling my self out just to make a buck. If I get really desperate, I'll sell more goodies on Ebay! So, that explains alot to me. Moral standards are comprimised by the market. What is the world is the matter with folks anyway? Look at TV programs, rehasing old shows, almost porn have we as a society degraded that much? In the movies all they are doing is making shows from old television sitcoms hopeing that the boomers(Thats us boys and girls) will pay money to reminise about youth. Give me a break! Okay, I'm off my soap box. For now anyway.
Well I have a story over at the P&E site up for vote. Short story from Hobart. Heavens I'm doing it again aren't I
I'm heading out to the woods to think up something fun to write. Oh yeah, I found a fun site too. Southern Humorists.. check it out..crack ya up good stuff too.
I'll try and get back soon, keep writing, don't sell out, stick to your guns and write what makes you feel good. Have a great week end!

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