Monday, January 09, 2006

Mondays are like this....

Well, I've been trying to post a neat photo why I don't get as much writing done when its cold out.. hopefully I'll get it figured out eventually. Was a wonderful Sunday and today was almost as warm. There we go, by George I think I've got it!
I've been rescuing these neat friends for about 10 years, so don't bother counting. All the females are no fixed, except 2 babies I found. now I'm going to do the fellas, so they don't get hurt too bad fighting. Whats this got to do with writing? They are on My desk, thats what. LOL . when its cold out this is where they end up.. Hmmmmm.
I've been working on the new Cletus story all yeaterday evening, only about 1500 words, pooh, wrong music like I said. Well perhaps I'll get my Willy Nelson CD out, that out to put me in a good ole country mood. This old blog has been getting a few comments lately, thanks to all. I've got a story to work on, so this is short and sweet today. Live long and be phosporus. I love that heh heh heh

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