Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meet my friend Fancy!

This is my friend Fancy, shes a wild kitty that found me, I sure do attract cats and Thank goodness husband is a patient man. well, back to work;
Well its a brand New Year and I've finished my book, now all thats left is mail out that synopsis and get budy! I have a blog post thing on Amazon next to the two books I already have published. That may help sales. I also am submitting at least two stories somewhere each week, lets see how long I can keep it up. I submitted a story to the Missouri review without reading the mag fist. Yuck, I can't write stuff like they like. Hope I get mistake.
I've just finished a couple short stories and they are so funny and to my dismay..they are politicall incorrect..yep, thats what I said. My first rejection said; Very funny but relies too much on steretypes for humor.." Right! I live in the Ozark mountains and humor about the fun folks here is steretypical. Glad the locals love them. Well back to wwork again. Thanks for coming by. I'll show you a few more of my feline friends tomorrow. I have been getting them fixed as quickly as money allows. Its great!
God bless you guys for coming by. Ya know it wouldn't hurt to drop me a line sometime. Oh one more thing. Go buy my books on amazon if you get a chance. Lets get some regular folks books in the top 100. Funny I know. anyway Till tomorrow!

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Richard said...

Hey Peggy--I love your positive, hard-working attitude! It's going to be a great year for you!