Thursday, January 05, 2006

A hiking we will go!

Mornig, afternoon. whatever the case may be. My oh my I do need to spend more time checking for typo's. I'll try, ..forget it, much more fun to just tell ya whats going on. Well still no rejection letter from Glimmertrain, should be anytime now. Finished another spur of the moment story yesterday, Retiremennt or something like it, or did I already tell you that, no matter. Its on its way to Amazon shorts, we'll see how quick it comes back and then off it can go again! It was a grand morning, chilly so I headed to the woods, thats when I get all my..wonder what would happen? stories. Heres a quick picture from the woods. I'm trying to get the GPS thing working, husband thought it might help me keep from getting lost. So good.
Now whatever your planning for today, have fun with it! Don't take no for an answer either, if I had my first book would still be in a drawer somewhere for sure. So have fun, have a coffee and spend sometime reading or writing this day. Well, time to get the Processor, Brain? keyboard? maybe both working. I'll try and let you know whats happening in these Ozark hills tomorrow.
I feel a story coming on, see you later all. By the way, thanks for the comments, I do appreciate them alot.

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