Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday in the Ozarks

Howdy everyone! Got your coffee? Hows that for a view? Looks like a painting instead of the view out my window.
Well still no rejections from anyone, maybe tomorrow LOL! Well, I've been telling you about my redneck, fun bubba stories and how magazines aren't interested. I made a decision to put them all together and make a fun book. Lots of short and not so short stories about Brenda Sue and her husband Cletus. I make my self laugh when I'm trying to edit them. Put a few on Zoe and they are just cracking up too. Submit they say! Sure, to where? So I bet when they are all in one book, I'll have an agent or publisher git it out there. Maybe the POD thing I love to do. I just can't imagine running around having to promote a book, too many stories to work on..No way do I want to go to New York City for book signings. I have this aversion to crowds and well, can you blame me? Too many years in the woods. Naw, I've nothing wrong with me , just don't want to get rich and famous. Just sell words, thats what I want. Well, I need another cup of coffee. If any of you guys have any other ideas, throw them at me. I'm easy, I'm open. I'm also nuts Have a wonderful day guys!


Richard said...

I look forward to buying a copy of your Bubba book at the local Cracker Barrel--or maybe that restaurant that's famous for "throwed rolls." Heads up! Oh, that one hit poor, slow Cletus in the head, I'm afraid!

Chris Perridas said...

Wonderful pictures - especially the cat. I do like cats. :)

BTW, it might seem obvious that a dust bunny eats dust, but that seems a little "hare-raising" to me. So, I will wait and see what the sylvilagus cineris [i.e. dust bunnies] experts have to say.

Keep blogging!

Fran Friel said...

Oh man, that is some view, Peggy. Beautiful. Looks like a lovely place to be in the world. My world right now is covered in snow and cold as the Dickens!

I see Chris mentioned dust bunnies - did I miss something? If you're interested in "dust bunnies," have I got a story for you!

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