Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008, lets make a fun change here

Every time I get the chance I'm going to help all you scifi writers get the idea what really makes it scifi. You don't have to be a science wizard to make your story believable what you do have to do is make your reader think it is. Lets consider laser guns, now we all know there isn't really a laser gun, or is there. Think of taser, I can make a big guy unconsious with one. So, we have an idea what one would do on stun. now that can make it believable. Does your character carry it in a holster, does he or she need one. Thats up to you to decide. But what we really want here is to make your reader believe it. Become the character as you write, turn on some good scfi music, get lost in your world. Take us there with you. Put some science into that story, scifi is calling you.

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