Wednesday, February 08, 2006

someone said, tell us about time.

Heres my wierd thought on time;Time is an enemy or it can be a golden point in your life.Too often it works against us, too much to do, no time. Then for one split second, something happens to make it stand still. A smile, a flower a gentle touch from a friend. A moment frozen in time, never to disappear. Time is fleeting yet stands before you like stone. A time to laugh, minutes of everyday. These times are forever. A time to cry? These moments quickly erased. A time to be born, another bit of time cherished. A time to die; These times make us remember. So that when a loved one or friend dies, we regain time. All the minutes, hours seconds with that person once again spring to the surface. We gain minutes, hours, days and years of the things we almost forgot. Time is not an enemy but a holder of memories almost lost during our everyday life. Sometimes it's time..for time.

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