Saturday, February 11, 2006

My typical writing morning

My Writers morning
I don’t know about the rest of you writers out there but, until I have my first cup of coffee in the morning, my words just run together. First thing I do as I make my way to the bathroom, is turn the trusty ole computer on. Then while its loading I try and make my pot of coffee. Usually about then, husband stumbles into the room always with the same question; “So what you working on today?”

I haven’t even had one cup of my marvelous brain juice mind you. I smile at him, “Yes I have to smile or I would smack him!” I don’t bother answering. Okay, he sits there sipping his cup and begins the thousand question morning.

“Did you get that story done? What happened? How many have you submitted this week? How about those edits you were working on, how they coming along?”

Now I don’t want to hear that I am alone in this. You have to reassure me that other writers have these early morning quiz shows.

Finally, three cups later I make my way to my office to open my latest piece of work that still needs editing. Standing there in the middle of my desk is my cat. Her eyes are slits and her ears are laid back against her head. Before I can edit a word I have to move into the feed the critter mode. So the kitties are happy, word processor is hot and ready to roll.

A voice echoes through the house ending at my office door.
“Sweetie? What’s for breakfast?”

Okay, back to wife mode. My story sits and stews. The kitties curl in my chair and somehow some part of that furry creature begins to hit the delete button on the keyboard. Letters and words, one by one slowly disappear into the mists of a cyber trashcan. When finally husband is fed and happy I return to two words remaining on my screen

**The End**

Frantically I search for my trusty backup disc. Move the two cats now asleep in the chair and begin to download the same story I had been working on for a week. I use to complain because I had to work full time and write. Now it’s a full time job to try and write.

Somewhere along the way, something got screwed up, maybe it was me?

Anyone else have this problem?

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