Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a great day today..again sick of me saying that are you?

Isn't that a cool photo? It's the back cover of Katty New Year, an anthology I am in. The cat's name is Callie. what else :)
I also have some great news, 2 of my stories have been selected to go on's new shorts program. Oh I have 1 there already Medicine Skull. But these 2 are neat. 1st one is called Wish Kitty
2nd one is a collection of not very polictcally correct fun stories, kinda a collection "Ozark Mountain Tales." I'll let you know when they are live for sure. Today is the day my New Grandson gets born, kinda cool too. His name is Tucker McCoy Johnson.'s a busy day for me, a busy week! I'll be back later with more info for sure.
Have a great week all.
God bless

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