Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was snarked LOL

I was feeling mighty spry and thought...why I'm gonna try Ms. Snarks crapometer thingie..woe is me for sure. She wasn't mean at all but did teach me a thing or two. I wrote a bad synposis not a the hell is a hook? I'm going to spend me some time learning for sure. When I wrote my under 250 word thingie..why I didn't want to give the whole story left things dangling..well, thats not good. So I'm gonna spend some time googling away to get an idea..what is a proper hook..whats it look like. I have a ghost..who doesn't know he's dead and of course.didn't mention he was a maybe that's mistake #1. But, she said I need to get us to care about the main problem..just who is the main character. To me..I have 2. The dead cowboy..and his grandson who he saves. see my problem? No? me either LOL. Well, it's a grand Saturday. I feel great and it's almost Christmas!
Go out and play you guys!
I'm heading to the woods myself in a few.
See you soon

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