Monday, December 04, 2006

Here it is December

This is my new story on I took the pictures in the woods one foggy morning with all the kitties at my side. They're great fun to hike with. Right now I'm not writing I'm editing a book to get ready for Lulu. I like using that site, lets be serious, I'm never going to be famous but thats okay. What I am doing to finally writing all the crazy stories down and saving them. For who, for everyone. You might be surprised how much a neat fun story can do for your outlook on life. A good smile will start your day off with a happy heart. Thats what I wanna do, make ya smile. Okay. You guys have fun and maybe..just maybe someone will email or leave a message. If not, oh well. I'll post my other ones in a day or so. In the meantime, Put some Christ into your Christmas guys.
Enjoy your day!
Peg :)

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