Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here it is Sunday again..

I was reading a few blogs that I like and noticed that most of them are very serious. Oh the writers are serious about being serious. Now I just can't relate to that at all. Oh, if you can't write something that is totally soul changing why write they say. To write is to be morally responsible to the reader.. Give me a break! Why is it so very important to make people feel sad. What the heck is wrong with everyone anyway? Is making the human reader feel down about their life good? Well, I sure hope that the people of this planet change their reading habits! If you want to be something that makes you smile, makes you do a random act of kindness to a stranger. So, over on the Zoetrope site they were having a great time posting a supposingly famous writer whose whole gig is to gross folks out. Just the thing to read at bedtime. You want to see who is serious about writing? Look who is NOT posting stories. Why should they bother, in no time reviewers tell you its frivilous. What moral in there to the story. Hey your puntuation is bad. I could go on and on. But I won't. So, go look at what you write. Would you read it to your Mom or Dad? How about your kids? Want to change the world? Do it 1 reader at a time. Make them smile. They also had discussions on why there are no blue collar workers with stories there. Blue collar workers want to laugh not read about your encounter with some sicko. Maybe the world really is into disgusting, but I and a few other writers I know, well...we refuse to believe it. So. I'm going to listen to whats going on there and write the opposite of whats popular. Wait! I already do that. Well, I've got a story to edit and its such a nice day out I may have to go outside and think about it. Procrastinate a bit :)This is a photo of my new grandson..Just a nice picture to gaze upon this Sunday afternoon. Why? Cause, no other reason. Just smile and have a grand day and write
See ya in a few days

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