Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Grand Sunday

Well, thought I had found me my house last week. won't go into details and bore you to tears but it was awesome and in my price range. Got ahold of the realtor to find.. they had an offer on it..same day I called. shucks..ratts, worms!! Oh well, wonder what the good Lord has for me out there, that one wasn't it. LOL. My You Tube has over 100 hits on it, not bad for me but lots of them have! Hey, if 1 person goes to amazon and checks out Medicine Skull, it will be worth it for sure.
It's in the high 80's today, ticks are still creeping about in the woods which puts a cramp on me and hiking. no hiking no good alien pictures..pashaw!
Well, you guys have a most wonderful day!
See you in a few days

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