Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, I've been learning new things!

Spent some time with the movie maker program and thought it might be a fun way to help promote my books. Heck you never know, it might work? I put it on You tube which has a zillion videos up there, but hey..someone might just take a peak at mine, you never know. I try not to pay any attention to the news, its scary enough out there. Spend most of my time out hiking or working on my manuscripts. Let the good Lord take care of all the worldly stuff. Hope you had a great Labor day week end, been laid back around here. Still haven't found my housein Wisconsin yet, it'll show up eventually I'm sure.
Well. need to get something done, not sure what but it's way too nice to be in the house.
Enjoy your Sunday!
God Bless
keep writing!

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