Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday! and great News!!

This is a really cool picture of a medicine skull. My son covered a real buffalo skull with pounds of turquoise and sterling silver too. Why the picture? Well, Amazon has this neat program called "Amazon shorts. What is it?
You can download a short story, oh they're a few thpusand words each or more. for 49 cents! They are publishing my stories, the first in a series called..of course "Medicine Skull! When will it be ready for you to download and buy? I have no idea, but should be soon! The minute I know, you'll know too. Another great story of mine is being published in April. in www. hope I have the web address right. I'll double check and make sure you can go read it. Its titles "The Barn" A humorus monster story. You'll like it. Well, enjoy your Saturday! I'll be back soon with more details!!

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